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Overwatch 2 PvP Beta 1 Starts in Late April

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Blizzard posted an update on Overwatch 2 today and revealed that the game's PvP Beta will start in late April for PC in select regions. 

In the latest developer update, Game Director Aaron Keller revealed that Overwatch 2's PvP and PvE experiences will be separated from one another to get PvP content into your hands sooner, while the team continues to work on PvE. Overwatch 2 PvP Beta 1 will start in late April and the following will be available for testing:

  • 5v5 
  • New Hero: Sojourn 
  • 4 New Maps 
  • New Mode: Push 
  • Hero Reworks: Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion, Sombra
  • New Ping System

Blizzard Logo(Source)

Overwatch is evolving. In our first step towards increased communication and a consistent cadence of updates for our community, we are incredibly excited to share information about our plans for the upcoming months. We are changing our release strategy by decoupling Overwatch 2’s PvP and PvE experiences from one another to get new PvP content into your hands sooner, while we continue to work on PvE. Learn more about what’s happening through our most recent developer update with Game Director Aaron Keller: 

Closed alpha testing for Overwatch 2 PvP begins today in select regions, and includes Blizzard employees, Overwatch League pros, and a few other select groups to help us prepare for wider testing.

Then our first PvP Beta will begin in late April for PC in select regions. This closed beta will include a larger group of testers who we will ask to provide gameplay feedback. Our goal for this phase is to test our new features, content, and systems before we shift to stress-testing the servers with a wider player base in future Beta tests.

This first PvP Beta will include the most significant release we’ve had since our launch. Here are the major items you can expect to see from the first beta!

  • 5v5 
  • New Hero: Sojourn 
  • New Maps 
  • New Mode:Push 
  • Hero Reworks
  • New Ping System


You can sign up to request access to the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta 1 now on PlayOverwatch.com. Players will be granted access in phases, and we will add more and more players as we progress through the upcoming beta phases. We will also be sharing regular updates about what to expect in this first beta in the weeks leading up until its launch. 

Thank you for coming along with us as we step forward into a new era of Overwatch. We can’t wait to show you more!

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It sounds like they are downscaling the game a bit. PvE was supposed to come together with PvP changes, it was supposed to be a huge selling point of OW2 (which was already hardly worth being called a sequel tbh, more like an expansion). What's the point of calling it OW2 now? PvE could potentially attract more players. But now it's just a bunch of balance changes, maps, new skins and... just one new hero? We've already seen Sojourn during original announcement.

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I feel like peoples underestimate what is being done for the PvE mode, I really think it will be a game on it's own.

What he says is that to help with the delay they just decided to release the PvP part of OW2 earlier the part that is cool but not that critical to OW2 true core (the PvE).

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    • By Staff
      Doomfist and Orisa have been reworked just in time for Overwatch 2 PvP Beta. Senior Hero Designer Brandon Brennan and Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman provide more information about the reworks. 
      Doomfist Rework Highlights
      Doomfist is now a tank and his health has ben increased to 450. The Uppercut ability has been removed. Hand Cannon ammo recovery increased to once every 0.4 seconds. Damage reduced from 6 to 5 per pellet. Power Block protects you from frontal attacks. Blocking heavy damage empowers Rocket Punch. Empowered Rocket Punch travels further and deals more damage. Rocket Punch maximum charge time reduced to 1 second. Impact damage reduced to 15-30. Wall slam damage reduced to 20-40. Seismic Slam now launches you like Winston's leap. On landing, it deals damage and slows enemies. Meteor Strike now adds a slow to all enemies hit. Outer ring damage was reduced to 100-15. Activation time reduced to 0.5 seconds. Orisa Rework Highlights
      Augmented Fusion Driver rapidly fires large projectiles and uses a heat mechanic instead of ammo/reload. Energy Javelin launches your javelin at an enemy to stun and knock them back. It is more effective if the enemy hits a wall. Fortify now also grants you 125 temporary health, reduces heat generated from firing by 50% while active and is slowed by 20%. Javelin Spin -- Spin  your javelin to destroy projectiles, push enemies, and increase forward speed. Terra Surge (Ultimate) -- Sweep in enemies and anchor down, gaining the effects of Fortify and charging up a surge of damage. Use Primary Fire to unleash the surge early. Abilities removed include Protective Barrier, Halt!, and Supercharger. (Source)
      Two opposing forces—one a benevolent protector of Numbani, the other a mighty successor to the city's Scourge—are both receiving reworks just in time for the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta. Although the new 5v5 team composition will change the way tanks approach team fights, their primary objectives will remain the same: focus on making space for their team, initiate engagements, and peel for allies in trouble. Overall, they’re going to feel brawlier, dishing out damage while utilizing their strong defensive capabilities. Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman led the charge on Doomfist’s transition from damage to tank hero, and Senior Hero Designer Brandon Brennan took point on the Orisa rework. Let’s jump into how both heroes have been tailored to fit the changes coming in Overwatch 2!
      Doomfist’s current playstyle is unique, even for a damage hero: He’s a fast-paced, mobile, and lethal brawling machine. “Doomfist is a combo hero, taking a page out of fighting games. We want to keep that feeling while moving him to the tank role,” explains Goodman. Some abilities, he says, will seem familiar, while others will further define him as a tank.
      His base health is increasing from 250 to 450, putting him much more in line with other tank heroes. Hand Cannon will function similarly, trading faster ammo recharge for slightly less damage. Rocket Punch is quicker and deals less damage, but still has the potential to knock back enemies.
      Power Block is the new core of Doomfist’s kit. With Power Block, Doomfist enters a defensive stance that reduces all damage taken from the front by 90%. Doomfist’s gauntlet becomes charged if he blocks enough damage with Power Block. His charged gauntlet empowers his next Rocket Punch’s damage, knockback radius, travel speed, and distance. His targets will be stunned if he knocks them against a wall.
      “Opposing players should be cautious about charging Doomfist’s gauntlet,” says Goodman. “Power Block feels kind of like Zarya when people shoot into her shields, but instead of passively gaining damage, his next punch will get a buff that lasts until he either uses Rocket Punch or is eliminated.” Doomfist’s kit rewards both defensive and offensive playstyles with many high-damage combos. When he blocks damage for his team, he can quickly charge Rocket Punch, knock enemies back, and potentially stun them for around one second if they are punched into a wall. “When you block a hard-hitting attack, you get powered up instantly. It almost feels like a parry,” says Goodman.
      Seismic Slam now launches Doomfist into the air towards where you’re aiming, like Winston’s leap. Upon landing, he creates a shockwave that damages and slows enemies. “Doomfist has super fluid mobility on all planes right now,” says Goodman. “He gained a ton of mobility with Seismic Slam, but he doesn’t have as much jerky, unpredictable movement.” He has many similarities to other disruptor tanks like Wrecking Ball or Winston, so it’s important to be very aware of Doomfist’s placement. For example, remembering that Power Block only blocks damage from the front is key when jumping into the enemy team with Seismic Slam; you’ll want to ensure that you jump all the way over your enemies so you can Power Block their damage and Rocket Punch them into your team without taking heavy hits from the back.
      Doomfist’s ultimate, Meteor Strike, has gained new utility and a shorter cast time. Overall, the damage has been reduced, but the impact damage at the center will still be a hard hitter. The knockback has been removed and replaced by a slow for all enemies hit, making this ability a great initiating tool for your team. This modified ultimate, paired with his tank-aligned changes, enables the quick, impactful gameplay that he had as a damage hero. While his new positioning and combos require more finesse to manage, he has transformed into a more approachable, free-flowing, and impactful tank—all while feeling familiar to current Doomfist players.
      While some of Doomfist’s power was shifted to his defensive abilities to make him a viable tank pick, Orisa underwent the opposite. The team noticed that she struggled with brawling and toe-to-toe engagements, so we had to adapt her into the future of the game. “We don’t take Orisa’s rework lightly,” says Brennan. “We want it to be meaningful to the game and feel good for players who are attached to her.” Orisa’s rework will adapt her playstyle to 5v5 and give her more tools to engage in team fights.
      Her health and armor are being increased to help her push head on into the enemy team. Orisa’s primary fire is a projectile that is larger and does more damage the closer she is to enemies. Instead of ammo, her primary fire builds up heat that only decreases when not firing her weapon. If her weapon overheats, it will be unusable for 3 seconds. “We want Orisa to push and engage enemies more,” says Brennan. “Her gun encourages her to get close to enemies and play more forward in Overwatch 2.” Orisa’s secondary fire, Energy Javelin, is now a skill shot projectile javelin that impacts the first enemy in its path. “It’s a micro-stun and can do more damage when there’s a wall behind you,” says Brennan.
      Javelin Spin, another new ability, enables Orisa to rapidly spin a javelin that destroys incoming projectiles, increases forward movement speed, and damages enemies while pushing them back. “Our primary purpose with Javelin Spin is to help Orisa engage and get into the fight,” says Brennan. “When paired with her other abilities, it can become a lethal combo. You can herd enemies backward and follow up with an Energy Javelin to push them into a wall.”
      Fortify has received a few adjustments to fit her new playstyle, including generating less heat with Orisa’s primary weapon, allowing her to fire it for longer. The ability also provides 125 extra health, giving her increased survivability in team fights. Brennan explains: “The idea behind this change is that Fortify will always yield meaningful defensive value for Orisa whenever she uses it.”
      Terra Surge is Orisa’s new Ultimate ability. She becomes fortified and pulls in nearby enemies while charging up an area-of-effect attack. “We started her rework by removing Orisa’s barrier and her Halt ability, but we still thought Halt was really cool,” says Brennan. “We incorporated the idea of Halt into Orisa’s new ultimate, and this is where the pull comes from.” This creates a moment for the team to rally around and quickly coordinate combos. However, enemies aren’t bound to the center of Orisa’s pull like a Zarya Graviton Surge, so you will need to collaborate quickly to make the most of this ultimate!
      As we begin beta testing with the significant shift to 5v5 and one tank per team, please keep in mind that all these changes and reworks are a work in progress. They are subject to change as we see more and more players use these heroes in game. We look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing these reworked heroes shine in the upcoming PvP Beta!
    • By Staff
      The first Overwatch 2 PvP Beta has begun. Blizzard has posted a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the testing phase, including minimum and recommended system requirements.
      The Overwatch 2 PvP Beta is on the horizon! Starting April 26th at 8 pm CEST, selected players will begin to receive invites to join the PvP Beta throughout the day. In advance of the PvP Beta beginning, we wanted to share more information and answer your questions.  
      Q. How will I know if I'm selected to participate in the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta? 
      A. Players selected to participate in the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta will receive a welcome email from the Overwatch team with instructions on how to gain access to the build. Starting at 8 pm, we will begin rolling out beta access to selected participants. While players selected initially should all receive access on the first day, we may extend invitations to more players at later periods in this test. 

      Q. How can I opt-in to the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta and how are players selected? 
      A. Visit the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta page to opt-in for the beta. You can learn more about what’s included in the PvP Beta and sign up for beta testing! 
      Q. Do I need an Overwatch license to play in the beta?  
      A. Yes, all players will need to own and install Overwatch prior to participating in the PvP Beta. Those who were invited to the PvP Beta but do not own Overwatch can download and install Overwatch as a free trial during the Beta period. 
      Q. Will there be any other ways to get into the PvP Beta besides opting-in? 
      A. Players can participate in our Twitch Drops program to earn Beta access by watching specific Overwatch 2 PvP Beta streams under the Overwatch category during defined time windows! Check out the full list of participating streamers and additional details below 
      Q. What platforms will the PvP Beta be on? 
      A. The first beta is currently available on PC only. However, we do plan on including console players in our future testing plans!  
      Q. Will there be future Betas? 
      A. Yes, we are planning additional tests beyond this first PvP Beta. 
      Q. What gameplay regions is the PvP Beta available in? 
      A. The beta is currently available to North America, Europe, Latin America/Brazil, Korea, Japan, Australia/New Zealand, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.    
      Q. What languages are supported in the PvP Beta? 
      A. The PvP Beta is currently supported in English (US) and partially supported in other languages. Our team is working towards localizing all the new, exciting content in Overwatch 2, but players may still find variations of text or audio that still play in English (US) during this Beta test. We are committed to supporting our global player base and delivering a fully localized experience on release! 
      Q. If I get invited to the PvP Beta, can I stream or create content about the game? 
      A. Absolutely!  We love it when our community plays the game and creates content, so we look forward to seeing what you make! Please make sure you comply with the Overwatch Terms of Service. 
      Q. How long will the PvP Beta last? 
      A. The Overwatch 2 PvP Beta will begin April 26th at 8 pm CEST and is scheduled to run through May 17th (date subject to change based on testing needs). 
      Q. Will any progress I make during the PvP Beta carry over to the live game? 
      A. None of your progress will carry over to the live game because the beta is a work in progress and a method for the team to test out our current Overwatch 2 build. You can expect the game to evolve and refine significantly before launch.  
      Q. Why are some features from Overwatch not available in the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta?  
      A. Since the Overwatch PvP Beta is still evolving, some features from the current live game won’t be present in the beta. Some examples include Competitive mode, profiles, and endorsements. This reflects the game work in progress state as well as our initial areas of focus for testing. 
      Q. What are the system requirements for the PvP Beta? 
      A. See the system requirements below!  
      Minimum (targeting 30fps):  
      Operating system: Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)  
      Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8650  
      Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 600 series, AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 series  
      Memory: 6 GB RAM  
      Storage: 50 GB available hard drive space  
      Recommended (targeting 60fps on medium settings):  
      Operating system: Windows® 10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)  
      Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 or AMD Ryzen™ 5  
      Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 or AMD R9 380  
      Memory: 8 GB RAM  
      Storage: 50 GB available hard drive space  
      For the best performance, please be sure to update to the latest drivers available for your graphics card.  
      Due to potential changes, the system requirements for this game may change over time. 
      Q. Will Mac users be able to participate in the PvP Beta? 
      A. No, this beta has been developed for Windows-based PCs and a Mac-specific Beta will not be provided. 
      Twitch Drops and Featured Streamers  
      The Overwatch Team is partnering with Twitch to celebrate the launch of the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta. You can tune in to specific Overwatch 2 streams during a very limited time frame to earn beta access through the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta Twitch Drops campaign. 

      The limited-time campaign begins April 27th, 2022 @ 7 pm CEST, and lasts until April 28th, 2022 @ 3 am CEST. Viewers will need to tune in to watch a select group of streamers broadcasting the Overwatch PvP Beta under the Overwatch category. You will be eligible for Twitch drops after watching any participating channel for four hours. Your watch time will accrue no matter what stream you are watching from the list below:  
      Bruninho S07
      Daniel Fenner
      Gale Adelade
      Last Chance
      Link your Battle.net and Twitch account to earn a beta drop. To redeem an Overwatch 2 PvP Beta drop, you must have an Overwatch license associated with your account. Players who don’t already own Overwatch will still be able to access the build through a free trial that will be offered throughout the PvP Beta. While it’s not necessary to install Overwatch, doing so may reduce download and install times for the beta build. 

      You will gain access to the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta when you redeem a Twitch drop, and you will need to install the game version on the Battle.net Launcher. Here are the download instructions for those who gain access:  
      Log in using the Battle.net account that you synced with Twitch drops. Click the Overwatch icon located at the top of the launcher homepage. Navigate to the Game Version drop-down menu located at the bottom left of the Overwatch game page. Select Overwatch 2 Technical Beta, install, and press the blue Play button to start.  If you don’t get into the PvP Beta initially or via the drops program, don’t worry! You haven’t missed all your chances to get into the action! There will be Overwatch 2 beta streams and content available for everyone to watch, and we will have more information on how to gain access to future betas!  
      Overwatch 2 PvP Beta Live Stream 
      New Hero Sojourn? Check. 
      Hero Reworks? Check.  
      Community Livestream featuring beta gameplay, T4 interviews, and some incredible Overwatch content creators? CHECK! 

      The Overwatch Team is hosting a Beta Bash livestream on the PlayOverwatch Twitch. Join us April 17th @ 7 pm CEST to celebrate the launch of the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta with T4 and Overwatch content creators. 

      With some good old friendly competition, our content creators will face off in the new 5v5 team composition. You are going to want to see how this changes gameplay, especially with one less tank on either side. We are also going to be joined by Overwatch League casters and hosts who will interview a few members of the Overwatch Team about this anticipated beta launch! 

      Don’t forget to mark your calendar for April 17th at 7 pm CEST, and we will see you on the PlayOverwatch Twitch. We can’t wait to celebrate together and share this new PvP experience with our community. 

      See you there!   
    • By Staff
      Blizzard have announced that the Overwatch 2 PvP beta is coming on April 26th, with new hero, 3 new maps, hero reworks and more included! You can opt in here. 
      OW2 Beta (Source)
      Join the PVP Beta
      Get ready for a fresh lineup of heroes, new maps to explore, a revolutionary 5v5 multiplayer experience, and more. Opt-in now for your chance to join the beta test on Battle.net.

    • By Stan
      Blizzard recently pushed two encrypted Overwatch 2 builds to the CDN. Will Overwatch 2 testing begin soon?
      The first build of Overwatch 2 was an update from Patch 1.68 to 2.00.7. It was spotted today.
      (us) BuildConfig: 43df11a → 6bd038b
      (us) CDNConfig: 650d696 → f1ca2bb
      (us) BuildId: 90630 → 93195!
      (us) VersionsName: →!
      The second encrypted build was pushed today as well. The build number went up from 93195 to 93221 just a few hours ago.
      (us) BuildConfig: 6bd038b → aaf7523
      (us) CDNConfig: f1ca2bb → 623629b
      (us) BuildId: 93195 → 93221!
      (us) VersionsName: →!
      Do you think we'll see an Overwatch 2 Beta this month? Don't forget that Mike Ybarra talked about an Overwatch announcement coming soon.
    • By Staff
      A summary of all interesting updates shared by Blizzard coming in Overwatch 2.
      Overwatch 2 heralds a new visual evolution for all Heroes, you can preview all the new looks side by side here.
      On Twitter alone, Blizzard previewed Bastion's new look and rework! Bastion will be able to move while in Sentry Form. The Hero has a new ultimate called "Artillery Strike", a new "Tactical Grenade" ability, and more.
      Placeholder for tweet 1441916904109580292 Placeholder for tweet 1441921019439194112 Another Hero that will be reworked is Sombra. Hack will no longer remove stealth, but the ability will be on a shorter cooldown, Sombra will be able to reveal hacked targets through walls and deal more damage to them.
      Placeholder for tweet 1441920373134659589
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