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Overwatch 2 Doomfist and Orisa Reworks Detailed

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Doomfist and Orisa have been reworked just in time for Overwatch 2 PvP Beta. Senior Hero Designer Brandon Brennan and Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman provide more information about the reworks. 

Doomfist Rework Highlights

  • Doomfist is now a tank and his health has ben increased to 450.
  • The Uppercut ability has been removed.
  • Hand Cannon ammo recovery increased to once every 0.4 seconds. Damage reduced from 6 to 5 per pellet.
  • Power Block protects you from frontal attacks. Blocking heavy damage empowers Rocket Punch. Empowered Rocket Punch travels further and deals more damage.
  • Rocket Punch maximum charge time reduced to 1 second. Impact damage reduced to 15-30. Wall slam damage reduced to 20-40.
  • Seismic Slam now launches you like Winston's leap. On landing, it deals damage and slows enemies.
  • Meteor Strike now adds a slow to all enemies hit. Outer ring damage was reduced to 100-15. Activation time reduced to 0.5 seconds.

Orisa Rework Highlights

  • Augmented Fusion Driver rapidly fires large projectiles and uses a heat mechanic instead of ammo/reload.
  • Energy Javelin launches your javelin at an enemy to stun and knock them back. It is more effective if the enemy hits a wall.
  • Fortify now also grants you 125 temporary health, reduces heat generated from firing by 50% while active and is slowed by 20%.
  • Javelin Spin -- Spin  your javelin to destroy projectiles, push enemies, and increase forward speed.
  • Terra Surge (Ultimate) -- Sweep in enemies and anchor down, gaining the effects of Fortify and charging up a surge of damage. Use Primary Fire to unleash the surge early.
  • Abilities removed include Protective Barrier, Halt!, and Supercharger.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

Two opposing forces—one a benevolent protector of Numbani, the other a mighty successor to the city's Scourge—are both receiving reworks just in time for the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta. Although the new 5v5 team composition will change the way tanks approach team fights, their primary objectives will remain the same: focus on making space for their team, initiate engagements, and peel for allies in trouble. Overall, they’re going to feel brawlier, dishing out damage while utilizing their strong defensive capabilities. Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman led the charge on Doomfist’s transition from damage to tank hero, and Senior Hero Designer Brandon Brennan took point on the Orisa rework. Let’s jump into how both heroes have been tailored to fit the changes coming in Overwatch 2!


Doomfist’s current playstyle is unique, even for a damage hero: He’s a fast-paced, mobile, and lethal brawling machine. “Doomfist is a combo hero, taking a page out of fighting games. We want to keep that feeling while moving him to the tank role,” explains Goodman. Some abilities, he says, will seem familiar, while others will further define him as a tank.

His base health is increasing from 250 to 450, putting him much more in line with other tank heroes. Hand Cannon will function similarly, trading faster ammo recharge for slightly less damage. Rocket Punch is quicker and deals less damage, but still has the potential to knock back enemies.

Power Block is the new core of Doomfist’s kit. With Power Block, Doomfist enters a defensive stance that reduces all damage taken from the front by 90%. Doomfist’s gauntlet becomes charged if he blocks enough damage with Power Block. His charged gauntlet empowers his next Rocket Punch’s damage, knockback radius, travel speed, and distance. His targets will be stunned if he knocks them against a wall.

“Opposing players should be cautious about charging Doomfist’s gauntlet,” says Goodman. “Power Block feels kind of like Zarya when people shoot into her shields, but instead of passively gaining damage, his next punch will get a buff that lasts until he either uses Rocket Punch or is eliminated.” Doomfist’s kit rewards both defensive and offensive playstyles with many high-damage combos. When he blocks damage for his team, he can quickly charge Rocket Punch, knock enemies back, and potentially stun them for around one second if they are punched into a wall. “When you block a hard-hitting attack, you get powered up instantly. It almost feels like a parry,” says Goodman.

Seismic Slam now launches Doomfist into the air towards where you’re aiming, like Winston’s leap. Upon landing, he creates a shockwave that damages and slows enemies. “Doomfist has super fluid mobility on all planes right now,” says Goodman. “He gained a ton of mobility with Seismic Slam, but he doesn’t have as much jerky, unpredictable movement.” He has many similarities to other disruptor tanks like Wrecking Ball or Winston, so it’s important to be very aware of Doomfist’s placement. For example, remembering that Power Block only blocks damage from the front is key when jumping into the enemy team with Seismic Slam; you’ll want to ensure that you jump all the way over your enemies so you can Power Block their damage and Rocket Punch them into your team without taking heavy hits from the back.

Doomfist’s ultimate, Meteor Strike, has gained new utility and a shorter cast time. Overall, the damage has been reduced, but the impact damage at the center will still be a hard hitter. The knockback has been removed and replaced by a slow for all enemies hit, making this ability a great initiating tool for your team. This modified ultimate, paired with his tank-aligned changes, enables the quick, impactful gameplay that he had as a damage hero. While his new positioning and combos require more finesse to manage, he has transformed into a more approachable, free-flowing, and impactful tank—all while feeling familiar to current Doomfist players.


While some of Doomfist’s power was shifted to his defensive abilities to make him a viable tank pick, Orisa underwent the opposite. The team noticed that she struggled with brawling and toe-to-toe engagements, so we had to adapt her into the future of the game. “We don’t take Orisa’s rework lightly,” says Brennan. “We want it to be meaningful to the game and feel good for players who are attached to her.” Orisa’s rework will adapt her playstyle to 5v5 and give her more tools to engage in team fights.

Her health and armor are being increased to help her push head on into the enemy team. Orisa’s primary fire is a projectile that is larger and does more damage the closer she is to enemies. Instead of ammo, her primary fire builds up heat that only decreases when not firing her weapon. If her weapon overheats, it will be unusable for 3 seconds. “We want Orisa to push and engage enemies more,” says Brennan. “Her gun encourages her to get close to enemies and play more forward in Overwatch 2.” Orisa’s secondary fire, Energy Javelin, is now a skill shot projectile javelin that impacts the first enemy in its path. “It’s a micro-stun and can do more damage when there’s a wall behind you,” says Brennan.

Javelin Spin, another new ability, enables Orisa to rapidly spin a javelin that destroys incoming projectiles, increases forward movement speed, and damages enemies while pushing them back. “Our primary purpose with Javelin Spin is to help Orisa engage and get into the fight,” says Brennan. “When paired with her other abilities, it can become a lethal combo. You can herd enemies backward and follow up with an Energy Javelin to push them into a wall.”

Fortify has received a few adjustments to fit her new playstyle, including generating less heat with Orisa’s primary weapon, allowing her to fire it for longer. The ability also provides 125 extra health, giving her increased survivability in team fights. Brennan explains: “The idea behind this change is that Fortify will always yield meaningful defensive value for Orisa whenever she uses it.”

Terra Surge is Orisa’s new Ultimate ability. She becomes fortified and pulls in nearby enemies while charging up an area-of-effect attack. “We started her rework by removing Orisa’s barrier and her Halt ability, but we still thought Halt was really cool,” says Brennan. “We incorporated the idea of Halt into Orisa’s new ultimate, and this is where the pull comes from.” This creates a moment for the team to rally around and quickly coordinate combos. However, enemies aren’t bound to the center of Orisa’s pull like a Zarya Graviton Surge, so you will need to collaborate quickly to make the most of this ultimate!

As we begin beta testing with the significant shift to 5v5 and one tank per team, please keep in mind that all these changes and reworks are a work in progress. They are subject to change as we see more and more players use these heroes in game. We look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing these reworked heroes shine in the upcoming PvP Beta!

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      Junker Queen was a dominant force during the last beta playtest. Because of that, we applied changes to her Commanding Shout to reduced how dominant the brawly, “death ball” team compositions were at the highest skill levels, including the Overwatch League Summer Showdown. We’ll keep an eye on her performance in the upcoming weeks to ensure she’s an effective tank and fun to play. 
      The team is also monitoring Doomfist’s performance and play rate compared to other tanks. As we look to Season Two, we think it makes sense to evaluate his overall tanking ability and potentially make improvements to Power Block and Meteor Strike.
      Slicing through the competition
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      Sombra is also hacking her way through the back lines in many games. We adjusted her damage potential to be optimal on targets that she hacks. However, we want to ensure her targets have a reasonable time to fight back, so we’ll continue to look to balance her hack ability-lockout duration when we approach Season Two. We’ve also heard feedback that tanks feel oppressed when a Sombra is focusing them with hacks, which will also be something we will look to control next season.
      Symmetra and Torbjorn are two other damage heroes that we are keeping a close eye on now. Over the course of the first week, their win rates have been gradually increasing, and they are showing the highest win rates now at some ranks. Both heroes can be effective counters to Genji and may be enjoying their success due to his popularity. When we look at potentially making changes to them we need to keep in mind the landscape of the rest of the hero roster. For example if Genji is tweaked and possibly played less these heroes might see less success and not need adjustments themselves.
      Sly as a fox
      Kiriko has been well-received by the community, with an initial play rate of over 75% in most matches when we first launched, making her an instant favorite among many players. This play rate has since balanced out compared to other support heroes, however, her win rate increased from 48% to 52% as players learned her kit and playstyle over this past week. Her healing averages in the middle when you compare it to the rest of the support roster, and her damage output right now is about even with Ana which is relatively low compared to heroes like Lucio, Moira, and Brigitte. Kiriko gets a lot of value in her evasiveness with Wall Climb and Swift Step to get out of harm’s way, allowing her to stay alive longer in team fights and making her the most survivable support hero on the roster currently. We’re keeping an eye on how she performs in the weeks ahead of the Overwatch League Playoffs next month.
      Missions around the world
      With new and returning maps based on locations worldwide, we want each season in Overwatch 2 to feel refreshing and exciting for new and returning players. To support that goal and also to allow our team, when we think it’s appropriate, to make adjustments to our maps, we have begun to run a map pool featuring all-new locations and many original maps. For season 1, we’re playing on the following maps for both Quick and Competitive Play:
      Control Ilios - Evening Lighting Lijiang Tower - Dawn Lighting Oasis - Night Lighting Nepal - Morning Lighting Busan - Night Lighting Escort Circuit royal – Night Lighting Dorado - Evening Lighting Route 66 - Night Lighting Gibraltar - Morning Lighting Junkertown - Morning Lighting Hybrid Midtown - Morning Lighting King’s Row - Evening Lighting Eichenwalde - Evening Lighting Hollywood - Morning Lighting Paraíso - Morning Lighting Push New Queen Street - Morning Lighting Colosseo - Evening Lighting Esperança - Morning Lighting Each subsequent season, we will rotate some maps out of the map pool and bring back others that had been previously out of rotation. As we continue to rotate maps in and out, we’ll be looking at improving and tweaking them, so for example, when Rialto returns in Season Two, players will notice a few spots where we have added additional cover which should help the map play better in the 5v5 environment with reduced shields. For players who want to play maps not currently in the map rotation, hop into a custom game or the occasional arcade mode.
      Climbing the ranks
      Our team would like to apologize for ranking many players too low during the first week of Overwatch 2. We discovered a bug that was impacting player skill ratings, which is what contributed to many players being placed in Bronze 5 when they should have been placed higher. Our most recent patch included a fix that will help you get back to your true rank quickly, and that will be reflected the next time you receive a competitive ranking update. You will receive a boost as you continue playing to help you get up to the correct ranks. Players who haven’t yet placed in competitive won’t experience this issue after the fix goes live.
      We’re also watching your feedback about how we present your skill tier and division and how you celebrate that in-game. While we don’t have any details we can share yet, expect us to make more improvements to Competitive, and we will continue to watch for your feedback.
      Thank you for week one, and here’s to many more
      Finally, we want to ensure games play out fairly for all players in all matches. In a future patch, we’ll fix an issue that could cause some rubber banding in-game. We also want to be certain that hit registration for shots fired is working pixel-perfectly. We have investigated reports from players about hit registration, and many reports are actually related to how our replay tool works, which does not perfectly capture the alignment of each player’s aim. 
      There are also misconceptions about how our controller settings on PC work, which does not affect mouse input. As an example, aim smoothing under gamepad does not impact mouse input latency or precision. However, in one report, we discovered a bug that affected the hitbox alignment of our rendered objects for Junker Queen in some specific situations, and we’re working diligently to fix this issue. 
      We also understand that some PC players have concerns with input responsiveness and recommend trying out these changes to improve how quickly the game responds to player input:
      Make sure the in-game resolution setting matches your actual monitor’s set resolution. Set the capped frame rate to a value that matches your monitor’s maximum frame rate. If you have an NVidia graphics card, turn on NVidia Reflex + Boost. Otherwise, turn on Reduced Buffering for other GPUs. Finally, in your gameplay options, turn on Enable High Precision Mouse Input to speed up how frequently your mouse captures position in the game. Thank you to all the players who were a part of the first week of Overwatch 2. While this time has been incredibly exciting for the community and our team, it’s also come with many challenges that we're looking to address quickly. We will continue to listen to player feedback as we strive to make Overwatch 2 the best game it can be, and we are looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks leading up to Season Two. In the meantime, we hope everyone is having a blast in the game, and we will talk again soon! 
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      Never sacrifice comfort while you game! Pre-orders are available for the gorgeous and ergonomically refined Overwatch 2 Tracer TITAN Evo 2022 Series Chair and Overwatch 2 Genji TITAN Evo 2022 Series Chair from Secretlab. Fans are also encouraged to check out other exciting Overwatch 2 themed products on the Blizzard Gear Store today! 
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      Blizzard commented on the recent Overwatch 2 launch issues, as well as detailed the fixes they've already made to combat them, fixes that are still coming, and more, from removing SMS Protect for a majority of existing players, to the steps taken to address the queueing issues and missing items, and more.
      OW2 Launch (Source)
      Hello, heroes. Yesterday was an exciting day for the Overwatch team—a day that we know you have been looking forward to for a long time. While millions of people have been enjoying the game, the launch has not met your, or our, expectations.
      First, we want to apologize to our players. We expected the launch of Overwatch 2 to go smoothly. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and we are working hard to resolve the issues you are experiencing.
      We want to provide transparency on the issues, fixes we have made so far, and give you all insight as to how we’re moving forward.
      We are keeping a list of known issues here 2.5k, but here we’ll take a deep dive into the top issues.
      SMS Protect
      We designed Overwatch 2 to be a live service, which enables us to be responsive to a variety of player feedback. We have made the decision to remove phone number requirements for a majority of existing Overwatch players. Any Overwatch player with a connected Battle.net account, which includes all players who have played since June 9, 2021, will not have to provide a phone number to play. We are working to make this change and expect it to go live on Friday, October 7. We will update players once it is in effect.
      We remain committed to combating disruptive behavior in Overwatch 2—accounts that were not connected to Battle.net as well as new accounts will still have to meet SMS Protect requirements, which helps to ensure we’re protecting our community against cheating. If a player is caught engaging in disruptive behavior, their account may be banned whether they have a new account or not.
      As a team, we will keep listening to ongoing feedback and will make further adjustments in this area if it is required.
      Queue Issues, Server Crashes, and Stability
      Tl;dr: We have addressed some issues and are in the process of addressing others, but players should still expect to see queues.
      Login queues, server crashes, and stability problems are intertwined, so we’ll talk about them together. Players may have been seeing their queue numbers jumping around, going from a small number to a larger number. This is due to there being two queues for players—one through Battle.net, then one through the game itself. This process is usually invisible to players, but was being seen in real time. We have made changes to simplify the queuing process, so players should now only be experiencing the one queue before entering the game.
      There are several areas where we’re working to improve stability. Today we’ve patched a server that is critical to the login experience, and this change has increased login reliability. Beyond queues, we’re in progress with another server update that will reduce the occurrences of players being disconnected once they’re already in game.
      Finally, the player database is being overloaded, which cascades and causes a backup in the login system, which eventually leads to some people being dropped out of queues or being unable to log in at all.
      We’re continuing to add nodes to ease the pressure on the player database. The process of adding nodes requires replication of data, which inherently adds pressure to an already stressed system, so we’re doing it slowly to not cause any further disruption as devs and engineers work through separate issues. We are also currently throttling queues in order to protect the player database as much as we can while we scale—this feels bad in the short-term, but once it’s done, will greatly improve the experience for players across multiple fronts moving forward.
      Problems with Account Merge (Missing Player Items/Data)
      Tl;dr: You have not lost any items or progress, though some players are logging in and seeing some/all elements missing from their collection.
      We’ve received a number of reports from players that their inventory in-game is partially or totally reset. We’ve determined that the cause for this discrepancy in approximately half of reported cases is players having not yet completed their account merge 1.9k. This is understandable—one cause for this is due to a bug with the launch build not providing an account merge prompt on some consoles. We rolled out a partial UI fix earlier today to help some console players progress through the account merge flow, however, we are still working on fixes for additional UI issues.
      In the other half of reported cases for this issue, things are just taking longer than expected for items from the original Overwatch to transfer and populate in Overwatch 2. In all cases, no player data has been wiped or lost. We have a client-side fix for this that cannot be deployed until next week, so we are exploring server-side fixes and will provide updates as more information becomes available.
      There was a separate issue with account merge where players who had merged their console and PC accounts were experiencing problems logging in. This bug is now resolved. If you watched any community streamers on launch day, you might have noticed some had more trouble logging in than others; this bug was the primary cause for that.
      Incorrectly Locked Heroes and Items for Existing Players
      This is an issue separate from account merge but the player experience is the same as the above, where heroes and items that should be unlocked for existing players are appearing as locked. These cases are almost certainly related to our new First Time User Experience (FTUE) flow incorrectly being applied to existing players. We have seen relogging into the game resolve this issue in most cases. If you’re still experiencing this issue after taking these steps, please open a support ticket 625, that data is very helpful for our team.
      On the day of launch, these issues were exacerbated by DDoS attacks—while they did not directly cause any of these issues, they made the environment in which we work on these issues more challenging. We have not suffered any further attacks.
      We are committed to keeping you all informed, and will provide more information as it becomes available. Please keep an eye on @PlayOverwatch 334 for additional updates.
      Thank you, heroes,
      The Overwatch Team
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