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First Look at Mythic+ Tier List in Shadowlands Season 4

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Today, we're looking at the Mythic+ Tier List for Shadowlands Season 4 for the very first time.


The following post is based on statistics provided by Subcreation, a website that gathers various Mythic+ data from live servers. Please note that the tier list is biased toward the top end because it only looks at the top 100 keys per dungeon per affix and it doesn't look at keys below +16 and untimed runs.

Therefore, the data presented in this post will always differ from our Mythic Tier Lists maintained by our writer Petko.

Data Reliability

The data used in the post comes from Subcreation, a site maintained by Alcaras. Subcreation provides statistical analysis of Mythic+ dungeons, raids, and PvP in Shadowlands, and the data is provided via the Warcraft Logs API and Raider.io. If you'd like to support Subcreation, you can check out their Patreon.

How the Data is Calculated

The site looks at the top 100 keys per dungeon per affix across all regions and examines their raider.io scores. For each dungeon and specialization, the site takes the lower bound of a 95% confidence interval of the top 100 runs for each specialization. The site then averages these lower bounds, one per dungeon, to get an overall average lower bound for each spec, which is finally used to create the tier list.

The site takes the lower bounds of the 95% confidence interval calculated and then clusters them into 6 buckets using the Ckmeans algorithm. You can find more information by reading the site's FAQ.

Tanks, Healers, Melee, and Ranged are all on the same scale, they're just shown separately for easier comparison across roles.

Mythic+ Tier List in Shadowlands Season 4 Week 1

The specs are ranked based on their lb_ci which stands for the lower bound of a 95% confidence interval. If a certain tier is missing, it's not occupied by any specialization.

Tank Tier List

Based on 3,224 runs, ranging in difficulty from +16 to +28. 

  • S-Tier: Blood Death Knight (161.65 lb_ci)
  • B-Tier: Protection Warrior (152.41 lb_ci), Brewmaster Monk (151.13 lb_ci), Protection Paladin (150.49 lb_ci), Vengeance Demon Hunter (150.20 lb_ci)
  • D-Tier: Guardian Druid (140.93 lb_ci)

tank tier list.jpg

Healer Tier List

Based on 3,224 runs, ranging in difficulty from +16 to +28.

  • S-Tier: Holy Priest (161.29 lb_ci)
  • B-Tier: Restoration Shaman (152.64 lb_ci), Holy Paladin (151.49 lb_ci), Mistweaver Monk (150.65 lb_ci), Restoration Druid (150.53 lb_ci)
  • D-Tier: Discipline Priest (140.85 lb_ci)

healer tier list.jpg

Melee DPS Tier List

Based on 3,112 runs, ranging in difficulty from +16 to +28.

  • S-Tier: Survival Hunter (161.92), Outlaw Rogue (159.37)
  • A-Tier: Windwalker Monk (155.47)
  • B-Tier: Havoc Demon Hunter (150.68), Fury Warrior (149.85)
  • C-Tier: Arms Warrior (148.26), Enhancement Shaman (148.24)
  • D-Tier: Frost Death Knight (143.93), Retribution Paladin (141.39)
  • F-Tier: Feral Druid (104.25), Subtlety Rogue (99.34), Unholy Death Knight (98.20), Assassination Rogue (0.00)

melee tier list.jpg

Ranged DPS Tier List

Based on 2,935 runs, ranging in difficulty from +16 to +28.

  • S-Tier: Destruction Warlock (161.76)
  • A-Tier: Fire Mage (157.52) 
  • B-Tier: Demonology Warlock (149.36)
  • C-Tier: Shadow Priest (147.81), Marksmanship Hunter (146.95), Balance Druid (146.89), Elemental Shaman (145.59), Beast Mastery Hunter (145.05)
  • D-Tier: Frost Mage (142.40)
  • F-Tier: Arcane Mage (98.13), Affliction Warlock (13.53)

ranged tier list.jpg

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You know something is off when Sub is in F together with Feral.

These statistics have the same value as the community council. None

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From keys ranging 16+ to a +28 that this data was collected; alot of misinterpet information to the 'casual' server populace [not MDI calibur] that will most likely shun players that pick the lesser favored specializations because it's not 'meta'.  For keys I rather bring the player not the class; specially if they can navigate the mechanics and affixes of the dungeon effeciently. 

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