Back after two years....HELP!

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So after two years away from the game (Last thing I worked on was Ragnaros), I am back to WoW. I want to play my lock but so much is different. I have a pretty good idea of how the talent trees have changed, but I am not sure of which one to use for leveling to 90, spell rotations, easy gear upgrades...you name it, I need to know about it. I want to start with some solo questing, then work my way into groups as I get back into the swing of things. 


If someone could point me in the direction of a guide or guides I can check out, or drop me a few hints, I would greatly appreciate it!


Profile link follows:



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Thanks! I will spend some time reading those. I see Green Fire is finally a thing...I remember asking for that way way way back when I was just a baby warlock...there was a huge Blizzard forum post that went on forever and ever. 

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