Demonology Warlock DPS Guide — Dragonflight 10.2

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General Information

Welcome to our Demonology Warlock guide for World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2. Here, you will learn how to play as a Demonology Warlock in both raids and Mythic+ dungeons: from the very beginning to maximizing your DPS.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our WotLK Classic Demonology Warlock guide.


Demonology Warlock Overview

Demonology Warlock is a versatile specialization centered around summoning waves of expendable minions to do your bidding while you generate resources in between. While the specialization does have some ramp-up time, it does feel smooth and fast once it is running at full steam. Demonology Warlocks are especially strong in encounters that have stable mobility rather than helter-skelter movement.

Like all Warlock specializations, Demonology brings Demonic Gateway Icon Demonic Gateway, a powerful raid cooldown that can transport your entire group 40 yards instantly.


Demonology Warlock and Guide Changes for Patch 10.2

This patch Demonology Warlock received another mini-rework with specialization talents being changed and their position shuffled in order to tone down the extremely bursty damage profile (which was further amplified by the previous tier set bonus and the class trinket). As a result, Nether Portal Icon Nether Portal and Reign of Tyranny Icon Reign of Tyranny burst have been severely toned down to the point where there are better options in terms of capstones for sustained damage. Grand Warlock's Design Icon Grand Warlock's Design now provides a flat cooldown reduction, which makes Grimoire: Felguard Icon Grimoire: Felguard sync natural, while the reworked Immutable Hatred Icon Immutable Hatred is the new go-to choice for single target.

Some newly introduced talents have proven to be a positive addition, not just in terms of numerical output but specifically towards increasing the usability of a given ability (such as Fel Invocation Icon Fel Invocation for Summon Vilefiend Icon Summon Vilefiend); however, despite that, there are a number of "dead picks" that make pathing even more restrictive than before with less of a choice in how to fill the gaps between pivotal nodes.

For a full breakdown of all Class Changes in Patch 10.2, check out our dedicated page below.

These talent changes and spell adjustments prompted a whole revisit on both Talents Page and Rotation Page.

A new Season means new gear from new and returning Mythic+ Dungeons alongside a new raid Amirdrassil. As such, Gear Page has been updated with new BiS lists, weapon and trinkets recommendations, and different embellishments to craft.


Leveling a Demonology Warlock

We have a dedicated leveling guide to help you get your Demonology Warlock to max level, complete with many tips and suggestions.

While playing with the default UI for the leveling is entirely possible, transitioning to a max level rotation with a substantially different UI layout can feel overwhelming and ultimately disorient or frustrate the player. We recommend instead to implement Layout changes gradually in order to allow yourself to acclimate to a more effective and personal UI. The Addon page below offers some recommended options.


Basics of Demonology Warlock Gameplay

Demonology Warlock is a spec designed around continuously summoning temporary demons to do your bidding with relatively short cooldowns, some of them requiring a precise setup and a good amount of pet management. At its core, the gameplay is about generating and spending the Warlock's iconic resource: Soul Shards.

Demonology is the spec that embodies the rule of Always-Be-Casting the most but is also straightforward and intuitive. Keep generating Soul Shards through Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt and Demonbolt Icon Demonbolt and spend those resources on Call Dreadstalkers Icon Call Dreadstalkers and Hand of Gul'dan Icon Hand of Gul'dan.

If you are a newcomer to the spec but would like to learn the basics, start browsing the Spell Summary and head over to the page linked below.

For those more familiar with Warlocks, we invite you to check out the Talents and Rotation pages to have access to more detailed and in-depth information.


How to Gear Up as Demonology Warlock

Due to the increased number of variables and additional systems, picking gear has become a much less intuitive and immediate process. Nevertheless, you can find guidelines on how to best equip your Demonology Warlock on our dedicated gearing page, including the current Best in Slot equipment for the current tier.

Equipping gear is not enough, as you also need to choose the right consumables and gear augments to maximize your character potential. Below is listed a page that can guide you through those choices as well as a page to better understand the implications each stat has on your Warlock.


End-Game as a Demonology Warlock

Being geared and well-equipped is only half of the journey, as the end game activities require each a different approach to the spec. In order to find out more information regarding how to better tackle these challenges, check out the pages below.


Improving as a Demonology Warlock

Understanding your errors and refining your performance is a constant exercise, which can be frustrating or confounding at times. Below are listed some pages that offer tools and can point to and help correct those mistakes.


Demonology Warlock Viability in the Current Patch

DISCLAIMER: As with every new tier, the first two weeks will see noticeable tuning changes, as such the information provided below is a snapshot of the balance at the time of writing and will get updated as more changes happen.

At the time of writing (Patch 10.2), the current situation is the following:

Demonology Warlock presents itself as the numerically better Warlock specialization, offering competitive single target and AoE with a new tier set offering a fun optimization angle in multitarget while retaining the spec flavor. The rework has been successful at what it intended to accomplish, as the spec is now in a healthier state in terms of both the damage profile and the resources flow, having essentially eliminated the extreme but niche cases where resources could be pooled for very remarkable burst occasions.

That being said, looking at the bigger picture, there are new, more burst-oriented spec in 10.2 that retains similar if not higher damage potential, so the spec relative performance might drop in value in comparison. The silver lining is that you will not have to beg for a Power Infusion Icon Power Infusion or feel miserable anymore.



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