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[Arcane] Changing to Arcane

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Well guys i am new at Arcane! I have been play with frost for a while and i am wondering if my gear can be used for arcane or need more gear.


My armory is this one: http://us.battle.net/wow/es/character/ragnaros/Nidos/advanced


I also have in my bag this pants of tier: http://es.wowhead.com/item=99162


I think is better the pants of tier for arcane and then upgrade to level 4.


Then i have to ask.


I cast Arcane Blast at 1.6s with the current haste.


And with ther armor of Mastery i can get without any buff raid aprox 68% Mastery.


Reading a few post for caps make a little confused


First Question: I have to get cap in haste before Mastery? cap 9557??


Second Question: Cap for Mastery?


Third Question: Cap for Crit?


Forth Question: Is worth the 4 tier part of T16 or is better to get off parts?


I will post a log of my figths next time, i am practicing (dont speak very good english i am sorry) for sustain the LB and NT, and Rune of power.


I am starting to do SOO N so i am a little new and dont have a lot of gear, but i will try to get all of i can.

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Oh shit i thought I had commented.

1. No
2. No
3. No
4. Yes


Essentially just Mastery > haste > crit and hitcapped ofc

When you provide logs I can assist you further

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If I saw you in person, I would bow down to you for your bravery.  Good luck friend, and may the rune of power be ever in your favor.

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Crit cap? *giggle*


I dump crit in to mast/haste every new piece I get. I'm just thrilled as shit that reforge is going away (although I am sure we will still min/max with gems and enchants).


As MoP winds down, Frost and Arcane gear is essentially interchangable, and with no rune (you really don't plan on picking that over mirror images do you?) it will be even moreso in WoD.

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Interesting. Have you had much luck getting into the beta test raids? So far I have seen the train depot boss and the iron maidens, both of which required high mobility for survival. Also the Hydra world boss, where standing still is almost certain death. Maybe with the healers I know and trust I can make some use of rune, but I won't know that until we start raiding for real come launch.

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My guild has mandatory beta raids, and I have been to most fights. Due to the fact that a) RoP is more powerful than MI for multy target even if you lose a bit of uptime, and b) I don't want to manage IW, I don't see a reason to not use RoP. And don't forget casting an instant out of RoP is not hell on earth anymore as you don't lose mana!

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Ok. I guess we can "compare notes" in the xpac to see which is the best, and for which situations. Still really happy with the tomes so I am able to change talents between bosses.


Also, I have decided that alter time really won't be worth it as strictly a mitigation spell, choosing ice barrier on that tier.

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Ice Barrier is a GCD :P I would give my RL a hard time for asking me to cast AM because its on the GCD!! If my raid leader didn't scare the hell out of me at times :P

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test out everything...check everything...supernova is looking good for cane but will prob get nerfed as blizzard always do with mages :( do it on 90 dummy and keep going at it...but knowing blizz...it will change 

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Looking at the recent tuning changes, they like where Arcane is right now. How I see it, they want to bring Fire down abit and pull Frost up.

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