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Streaming my way to the Hearthstone™ Innkeeper's Tavern by tomSeliX

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Hi friends of Hearthstone !


I am inviting you to my channel http://www.twitch.tv/tomselix

where i mainly stream Hearthstone . At the moment my maximum rank was 8  and 8-2 score in the arena.

I'm trying to interact with my viewers as much as i can play some fun music and listen to advices from more experienced players and friends.


Hope you can come by and give me some advice or help me reach more wins in arena.  You are warmly welcomed !


This is just a short video made a month ago. A preview so you can see the channel overlay. I know the commentary is bad and repetitive but I am practicing on my commentary on a daily basis ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTNEwci-J5E


Hope to see you, and enjoy your Hearthstone battles ! ;)

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Hey friends, I'm going live in 20 min.

I've been ranking around level 10 with 3 hero classes. Here is a video of a priest that was so 'scared' of me that he decided to do a suicide. smile.png



I'm also streaming LOL and XCOM when Hearthstone servers go down.

Hope to see ya, enjoy !

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