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Icy Veins now covers Diablo 3! Our initial content includes Barbarian and Demon Hunter builds and some crafting/farming guides. More will come very soon.

We have just released our Diablo 3 section! We currently have guides and builds for Barbarians and Demon Hunters, as well as a few crafting guides. We want to get a bit of feedback on what we have done so far, before we move on and implement the rest of the class guides. We also have a lot of ideas to tell people how to farm efficiently, but these guides will come at a later time.

As you can see if you click the Diablo III link in the menu, we have a number of guides for both Barbarians and Demon Hunters.
  • Basic guides are here to give you a technical overview of the class. These are mainly documents that you can use as a reference. For example, you have just reached Paragon level 201 and are wondering about the stats that you should max out next, in which case you should read the Paragon Points guide for your character's class. Or you have just looted what seems to be a good upgrade for your character, in which case you can read the Stats Priorities guide for your character's class, to see if the item has the proper stats (or if there is a chance to reforge it to the proper stats).
  • Next, we have a number of leveling builds for each class. With the introduction of ladder seasons in Patch 2.1, leveling is once again a core part of the game and being efficient at it is important because there are leaderboards. So, we have leveling guides for levels 1 to 10, levels 10 to 20, levels 20 to 30, levels 30 to 60, and levels 60 to 70. From levels 1 to 30, the guides simply tell you how to choose your skills and how to use them. After level 30, we start giving you choices, so you can test different playstyles and decide to play whichever you are most comfortable with.
  • Once you reach level 70, you cannot quite use an end-game build yet, because you do not have the equipment for it, so we have builds dedicated to level 70, with no gear requirement. These builds are here to help you clear content efficiently at level 70, so that you can quickly farm the gear needed to use end-game builds (which use specific synergies between spells and legendary/set items).
  • Finally, we have end-game builds, which are meant to allow you to easily clear the hardest content in the game, Torment 6 Rifts and Bounties, and progress through Greater Rifts for as long as possible.
As stated above, we would like to hear feedback about these guides so that we can improve them (if needed), before we start working on the rest of our Diablo III content.
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