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Launching Log Reviews for WoW PvE & Diablo 3 Character Reviews

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When we first launched our Premium subscription, we received many requests for a way to get Log and Character Reviews, where an expert writer could provide an analysis of your specific gameplay and give personalized feedback to help you become a better WoW and Diablo player. We'd been working through how we could build such a system to provide this for our Premium supporters. Today, we’d like to announce our World of Warcraft PvE Log Review and Diablo 3 Character Review System!

A few weeks ago, we launched the Icy Veins Masterclass as a thank you to all of our Premium supporters. Today, we are offering Epic and Legendary rank subscribers access to our World of Warcraft PvE Log and Diablo 3 Character Review Service, the rules of which we outline here.

You may be wondering, why Epic and Legendary subscribers only? The reason is very simple!

We want to ensure that we provide as high a quality of personalized content as possible. Therefore, we have asked our PvE spec guide and Diablo authors to personally review these requests.

Of course, this means that we have limited spots available each month, so we have reserved Log Reviews for now to our Epic and Legendary tier subscribers, with an initial allotment of one Log Review per month. We would try this out for now, and if necessary to protect our writers’ time, we may implement a queuing system.

And that’s it for now! We’re going to try this out for September and see how things go. Please, continue to share any feedback or suggestions you may have or other ideas on how we can improve the Premium experience! Thank you!

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