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Blood WAs

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So I just boosted a DK to 90 and I'm looking for some WAs, particularly ones to track, Blood Charges, if possible ones that can track my lowest timed diseases on a target, Shroud of Purgatory meter, and anything else that might be useful.

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Why are you wanting to track the lowest disease on a target?  If you use rolling blood you do not need this weak aura.  Some people feel the dot snap shotting out weighs the convenience of blood boil refreshing diseases, but I don't think so, especially with snap shotting being removed in WoD.

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I just wasn't sure if it was a thing so I figured I'd ask I'm relatively new to dks in general, and thank you ceraius :)

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You're very welcome! smile.png


If you have anything else on your mind, let me know. Maybe I can help.


Posting those strings in the past actually seems to be my own salvation. My recent computer crash managed to make ALL my addon settings just vanish. At least I can get these auras back easily from here. biggrin.png

Edited by Ceraius

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Blood charge / tap auras still doesn`t work for me. I`ve importet two times until now.


Have you changed something?

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No, I haven't made any modifications to the auras. I was also struggling with them after the import, but they seemed to fix themselves after a little while.

Unfortunately I have no idea how to reproduce that effect. :/

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      So, I was just wondering out of curiosity if there was a way to change the weakauras trackers for sunfire and moonfire to be based on an absolute value of the maximum time sun/moonfire lasts for rather than being based on a percentage of how long the DoT has been active on the target. Basically, doing it the normal way, if you have Nature's Balance (which you should) then using solar wrath or lunar strike will extend the duration of sunfire/moonfire, respectively. However, basically all this does to the tracker is make it decrease slightly slower each time. For the sake of convenience I'm just going to refer to it as a bar because that's what I use. I want it so that when the DoT is at its maximum possible duration, the bar is completely full, and then decrease from there. That way, it's less confusing.
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      You can download from here

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      Frost Chromatic Anomaly Mythic :
      v2.1 Video:
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