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Raid Boss Eranog Solo Through +900% Berserk Damage

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Rextroy has soloed Eranog, the current raid tier boss, with his Paladin through 900% berserk damage.

It's time for another solo video by Rextroy. This time, the player defeated Eranog in Vault of the Incarnates. When you don't kill the boss within 10 minutes, it will go Berserk and have increased damage by 900%. Rextroy stacked Speed and kited the boss until it died. He used a speed flask (Charged Phial of Alacrity Charged Phial of Alacrity), all speed enchants, and even the Onyx Annulet had a socketed Speed stone. 

Gearing is all about balancing movement speed and survival, according to Rextroy and soloing Eranog was harder than Primal Council.

We also have a full video version if you prefer to see the whole encounter.

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