Eranog Raid Guide in Vault of the Incarnates

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Eranog is the 1st of 8 boss encounters in the Vault of the Incarnates raid in Dragonflight. On this page you will find a both a short and a full written guide for this encounter, with video clips to show the important mechanics.


I also have my own website dedicated to both tanks and raid leaders where I share my insight on the bosses with strategy and preparation advice which I will update after my guild has completed progress. If you are interested in this or want to discuss it on Discord, the links to them are below:


Strategy Guide: Quick TLDR Guide

As this fight is very static in how it plays out, I've provided a raid plan link to show a step-by-step visual explanation for movement on this encounter. Click the numbered tabs at the top of the page to work through the boss encounter.


Phase 1

  • Use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust / Heroism Icon Heroism on the pull.
  • Flamerift Icon Flamerift players move away from the raid together to spawn adds.
  • Try and bring the adds on top of the boss, stun and kill them.
  • Dodge Molten Cleave Icon Molten Cleave.
  • Healers: Incinerating Roar Icon Incinerating Roar deals damage to the whole raid and applies a DoT to everyone.
  • Tanks:Swap on ~5 stacks of Burning Wound Icon Burning Wound or when the debuff drops off.
  • HeroicHeroic/MythicMythic:Dodge Molten Spikes Icon Molten Spikes and avoid the fire pools that spawn after Incinerating Roar Icon Incinerating Roar.
  • Tanks. Mythic Only: Greater Flamerift Icon Greater Flamerift is cast on the tank with Flamerift Icon Flamerift. This will spawn a Flamescape Captain.
  • Mythic Only: Interrupt Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast from the Flamescale Captain and kill it as a priority.
  • Mythic (Healers Only). Mythic Only: Dispel Leaping Flames Icon Leaping Flames on the raid.

Phase 2/Intermission

  • Do not get hit by the beam connecting the elementals.
  • Kill one as a raid and move through the open gap.

Strategy Guide: Full Guide


Phase 1

The goal of this phase is to kill the Flamescale Tarasek adds that spawn from players dropping Flamerift Icon Flamerift and move around the room not to be blocked from the pools of lava that are left behind.

  • Before the pull, establish which way around the room you are going. For example: Boss moves clockwise; debuff moves counter-clockwise.
  • Start the fight by pulling Eranog to the side of the arena.
  • When players get Flamerift Icon Flamerift they should move in the pre-designated direction and drop their debuffs somewhat close together (but not overlapping as the debuff does AoE damage when it expires).
Flamerift Icon Flamerift players moving together to spawn adds together
  • Tanks:Swap on ~5 stacks of Burning Wound Icon Burning Wound or when the debuff drops off.
  • After Flamerift Icon Flamerift expires, it will spawn a Flamescale Tarasek from every debuff.
  • These adds will fixate on a random player, and all of the adds should ideally be grouped on the boss for efficient DPS cleave. You can gather them through utility such as Death Grip Icon Death Grip / Typhoon Icon Typhoon or the players fixated can ensure their fixate line goes through the boss.
  • After the adds have died, move the boss around the room slightly to give space for the next set of Flamerift Icon Flamerift.
  • }
  • Molten Cleave Icon Molten Cleave will target a random player and cast a conal attack on them. Stay close to the boss to minimize movement. Consider using Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar if the group is very spread out.
Molten Cleave Icon Molten Cleave mechanic example video
  • Incinerating Roar Icon Incinerating Roar will do an initial burst of damage and then apply a DoT on the whole raid. You should counter these with some throughput ramp, such as a Resto Druid preparing HoTs on the raid or a Disc Priest preparing Atonement Icon Atonement. You shouldn't need to commit major healing cooldowns on this, as these are best used during Phase 2/Intermission.
  • Repeat this for a total of 3 Flamerift Icon Flamerift sets and Eranog will be approaching 100 Energy for Phase 2.

HeroicHeroic changes:

  • Molten Spikes Icon Molten Spikes now spawn throughout the phase; these will knock players away when they spawn. Move out of the swirl underneath you.
Molten Spikes Icon Molten Spikes spawning. Be careful to not get knocked back.
  • When Eranog casts Incinerating Roar Icon Incinerating Roar the spikes will exploding creating lines of fire that players need to avoid.
Incinerating Roar Icon Incinerating Roar exploding Molten Spikes Icon Molten Spikes example video

MythicMythic changes:

  • Tanks: Greater Flamerift Icon Greater Flamerift is cast on the tank with Flamerift Icon Flamerift. Because of this, the tank swap will more likely be this cast rather than your stack count of Burning Wound Icon Burning Wound.
The tank with Greater Flamerift Icon Greater Flamerift moving with the Flamerift Icon Flamerift players to spawn adds together
  • Greater Flamerift Icon Greater Flamerift spawns a Flamescape Captain. This is the highest priority add to kill.
  • The Captain has two spells, Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast is an interruptable spell and will kill whoever it is cast on if it goes through. Leaping Flames Icon Leaping Flames applies a debuff to players in the raid, which can be dispelled. Utilise Mass Dispel Icon Mass Dispel from your priest to remove it quickly.

Phase 2/Intermission

The goal of this phase is to escape the closing wall of fire elementals. This is achieved by killing one of the Primal Flame adds.

Intermission example video
  • Eranog will run into the middle of the room and spawn Primal Flame adds around the room's outer edge. These will slowly walk to the middle of the room and explode.
  • The Primal Flame adds will be connected with a lava beam. Moving through this beam will deal a large amount of Fire damage and stun you.
  • Killing the Primal Flame will break the connection between it and the two closest to it, creating a gap for the raid to run through and avoid the final explosion.
  • One person in the group should determine which add the raid will kill by stating ahead of time which one the group will kill.
  • Alternatively, the group can opt to use a marker system such as placing a skull target marker on the add or marking a player and going to the one they are running towards.
  • After the adds have exploded, Eranog will run towards the tank and Phase 1 begins again. Repeat until he dies, and collect your loot!

MythicMythic changes:

  • Eranog now spawns a second wave of Primal Flame adds; this wave starts at the center of the room and moves towards the edge of the room.
  • Kill the add that spawns from the middle first and then the outside add.
  • A couple of players in the raid should save cooldowns for this to ensure this DPS check is met.
Mythic intermission example video

Mythic Strategy:

Your strategy for this boss is largely unchanged, but you must be better with your placement of Flamerift Icon Flamerift and the new Greater Flamerift Icon Greater Flamerift. For this, I recommend making a large V shape on the edge of the room and making your way toward the middle, as shown below.

When you enter the intermission, place a raid floor marker on the first add you want to kill in the new Mythic add wave and then target mark the outer wave.



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