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6.0 Class Transition Guides

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Patch 6.0.2 will officially be released on Tuesday, October 14th!

Find out about how your class and spec is changing for the remainder of Level 90 content with our 6.0 Class Transition Guides!

Learn about all of the changes at level 90 coming to classes in 6.0!

Assembled by our own Moderators, Contributors, and Guide Writers, each of these transition guides will tell you about what has changed, at level 90, for your class and spec with Patch 6.0. Have questions about the changes to your spec that might not of been covered? Feel free to discuss these changes in each of the class threads!

Death Knight Transition Guide
Druid Transition Guide
Hunter Transition Guide
Mage Transition Guide
Monk Transition Guide
Paladin Transition Guide
Priest Transition Guide
Rogue Transition Guide
Shaman Transition Guide
Warlock Transition Guide
Warrior Transition Guide
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    • By Stan
      We've looked at the dungeon timers for Dragonflight Season 2. Find out how much time you'll have to time your run in Patch 10.1!
      Mythic+ Dungeon Timers in Dragonflight Season 2
      The Season 2 rotation includes the remaining Dragonflight dungeons, two Battle for Azeroth Dungeons as well as one from Cataclysm and Legion.
      Dungeon Time Brackenhide Hollow 36 minutes Halls of Infusion 38 minutes Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr 40 minutes Neltharus 35 minutes Freehold (Battle for Azeroth) 33 minutes The Underrot (Battle for Azeroth) 33 minutes Vortex Pinnacle (Cataclysm) 30 minutes Neltharion's Lair (Legion) 33 minutes
    • By Stan
      Underlight Conjurer's Brilliance is the Mage Set from Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid, coming in Patch 10.1. Check out the set's appearance and bonuses in our latest preview.
      Tier Set Bonuses
      The set is comprised of 5 pieces of loot and provides you with bonuses when equipping 2 and 4 pieces of the set.
      Mage Arcane 10.1 Class Set 2pc - Arcane Surge increases Spell Damage by an additional 5% and its duration is increased by 3 sec. Mage Arcane 10.1 Class Set 4pc - For every 24000 mana spent on and during Arcane Surge, your Spell Damage is increased by 1% for 12 sec after Arcane Surge fades, stacking up to 25 times. Your Mana Regeneration is increased by 50% for this time. Fire
      Mage Fire 10.1 Class Set 2pc - Phoenix Flames applies Charring Embers to all enemies it damages, increasing their damage taken from you by 6% for 12 sec. Mage Fire 10.1 Class Set 4pc - When your direct damage spells hit an enemy affected by Charring Embers 20 times the damage of your next 2 Phoenix Flames is increased by 200% and they refund a charge on use. Frost
      Mage Frost 10.1 Class Set 2pc - Flurry and Ice Lance damage increased by 10%. Flurry causes an explosion on impact, dealing 50% of its damage to nearby enemies, damage reduced beyond 5 targets. Mage Frost 10.1 Class Set 4pc - Casting Ice Lance on a frozen target has a 10% chance to trigger Brain Freeze. Underlight Conjurer's Brilliance Appearances
      Raid Finder




    • By Staff
      Blizzard has just posted April Fools' Day World of Warcraft patch notes for this year.
      World of Warcraft Patch 10.10
      “Ten Fast Ten Spurious”
      April 1, 2023
      Senior Chief Executive Lead Producer’s note: Please do not post this anywhere outside of our internal documentation where we have the full notes for the next dozen patches all completely written in advance. Please. I’m begging you to keep your fingers off the copy/paste keys. Please protect our perfect record of never leaking any content in advance.
      Our Social Media Team has provided us with the following statement:
      We’d like to thank the WoW development team for giving us the opportunity to take over all aspects of the creation and service of World of Warcraft. It’s been a blast being in control of literally everything, and we’d like to think we’ve done as good a job at making all decisions as the eSports Team did before us.
      New Raid: Drop Zone Maverick
      It’s finally time to spend an entire raid Dragonriding. Yes, you read that correctly. Every centimeter of this raid zone is high in the air, and you’ve been called to come out of near retirement for one last mission in the sky. Take on dangerous enemies who aren’t ever really named or described, and if they shoot you down, just steal one of their dragons and keep going. Because you’re just that good!
      New Dungeon Type: Meta-Dungeons
      Introducing our very first arbitrarily restricted content! Only available to the top 8 specs in the game (as decided by random players running an addon), you’ll thrill to be lovingly guided by a completely silent group leader with an itchy kick-finger and a maniacal dedication to push-push-push like an obstetrician who has a plane to catch.
      New Dungeon Type: Severed Instances
      When you enter a Severed Instance Dungeon, another player takes over playing your character for the entirety of the dungeon, and you have no idea what they’re doing in there. When they’re done, you get your character back. Why do you have that scratch on your face now? Good luck figuring it out!
      New Class: Food Reactionary
      All races can now choose to be the new Food Reactionary class—a very common player you’re going to see everywhere you look. Food Reactionaries come in two specializations:
      Cooktalkers, who watch food being made, and then react. Hopefully with lots of puns and wordplay. “More like ‘Hurricane Tortilla’.” Chewtalkers, who taste food that’s surely cold by now, and then react. Hopefully with lots of groans and facial expressions. “I give it an 8.5 out of 10.” Both Food Reactionary specs start out at level 1 without the ability to “go live” until they somehow convince 500 people to updoot their reactions. For some players, this will happen mysteriously fast, and for others, it will take months of grinding. Please do not lose sleep over this. We don’t have any control over the algorithm anymore.
      The Swift Retribution talent no longer gives attack speed in PvP. Now when you kill another player, Swift Retribution causes your character to announce: “I’m the problem; it’s me”. The player with the most gold is now required to purchase and operate General Chat. Birb mounts can now talk, so you should mind what you say in front of them, and you should probably start wearing headphones when you watch TV. All elf races are now eligible for the ‘Cotton-headed Ninny Muggins’ title. Fixed a bug that prevented the Gnome and Goblin starting experiences from being short enough. Fixed yet another bug with self-driving Dragons mysteriously crashing into clearly visible obstacles. This should really be the last one. Solo players are now provided with gold, a long stick, and access to an exclusive in-game florist so that you can buy yourself flowers and write your name in the sand. In the PTR for this patch, dataminers will see some evidence of upcoming content: Dual Classes. The working titles for our first few Dual Classes are: Paladin+Rogue - Blessing in Disguise Shaman+Rogue - Element of Surprise Warrior+Mage - Heroic Sheep Paladin+Death Knight - Judge Dead Druid+Hunter - Tame Yourself Monk+Druid - Fists of Furry Priest+Rogue - Holy Smokes Tik Tok integration now automatically posts a video whenever your character falls from a lethal height, and those are going to get more views for you than any video of you talking, by a huge margin. When doing the Community Feast in Azure Span, player-characters will now automatically respond to requests with “Yes, chef!” and yell “Corner!” and “Behind!” when walking behind another player. Developers’ notes: We kindly request that players stop asking us why there’s treasure hidden in the soup containers. We don’t know why. It really didn’t make sense. Classes
      Death Knight
      New ability: Dead Lasso – Death Knights who activate their inner Dead Lasso quickly overcome a modest amount of adversity to find unbelievable success by grouping up with others. Dark Command is now 30% darker. To compensate, Dark Command is now more of a suggestion. Improved Death Strike has been replaced by an identical talent called New and Improved Death Strike. You’ll love it! Relish in Blood can now be supplemented by selecting Mustard in Blood. Icebreaker is now 10% more effective at dinner parties. Breath of Sindragosa is now 15% mintier. Demon Hunter
      Blur is now known for something other than Song 2. To reduce the total size of game files, Will of the Illidari has been renamed Willidari. Misery in Defeat can now also proc Misery in De Hands. Thick Skin now allows you to withstand 20% more time on social media. Pursuit is now 10% less trivial. Spirit Bomb has been renamed Glitter Bomb and is now 150% more effective against package thieves. Vulnerability is now 50% more effective in building a lasting relationship. Druid
      Barkskin is now worse than Biteskin. Dash can now be used to hyphenate two words together. Swipe can now be used Left or Right, depending on how attracted the player is to the target. Sudden Ambush is now 10% less redundant. Cat’s Curiosity is now fatal, as intended. Evoker
      All abilities are now 10% more dragon-y. Wing Buffet is now all-you-can-eat. Please note that Evokers will be asked to kindly depart after 90 minutes. Tyranny now applies taxation to the target without representation. Graceful Stride is now 30% less likely to be broken. Nobody’s gonna slow you down. Oh no! You’ve got to keep on movin’. Fixed a bug preventing Return from starting a new line of text, as intended. Fixed a crash caused by Eternity Surge going on forever. Sheesh. Hunter
      Survival has been redesigned to use only offhand weapons. Call Pet has been redesigned to keep up with the times and has been renamed Text Pet. Misdirection now increases the success rate of magic tricks by 50%. Camouflage is no longer visible in the Talent Tree. Bullseye is now only available to Tauren Hunters. The Ruthless Marauder talent is now available to characters named Ruth. Mage
      Blink now has 182 charges. Overflowing Energy will now be stored in a sippy cup. Shimmer has been renamed to Shimmer Shimmer Ya Shimmer Yam Shimmer Yay. Evocation has been moved to the Evoker class to prevent confusion. Remove Curse no longer removes curses. Removed the word “remove” from Remove Curse; it is now called Curse. Curse removed. Monk
      Fixed a bug where the Monk could work out all day every day and become so powerful that they defeat all enemies with just one punch. Leg Sweep has been improved and is now called Leg Swiffer. Dampen Harm has been renamed Moisten Harm. Monks who complain about their secondary resource can now earn the new Achievement “Enjoy Some Whine with Your Chi”. Essence Font is now available in Times New Roman. Paladin
      Word of Glory has been replaced by a new ability called Excel of Glory. Judgment is now 20% less judgmental. Cleanse now also exfoliates. The Blinding Light talent has now been revved up like a deuce, a holy roller in the night. The Seasoned Warhorse talent is now available in chipotle and cool ranch horse flavors. Art of War has grown up so much and would prefer to be called Arthur. Execution Sentence has been identified as a run-on sentence and will be split into two separate abilities once developers can establish a new predicate. Priest
      Power Infusion now auto-targets the player in your group who sent you the most gold before raid. You’re welcome. Levitate is now 20% more annoying when cast on party members randomly. New ability: Holy Word: Schnikes – Call upon the power of road trips to save Callahan Auto. Answered Prayers has been updated so that it now sometimes gives you money, since that’s all you ever seem to ask for anyway. Gnome priests who choose to both heal and deal damage are now known as Compact Discs. Rogue
      All boots that rogues can equip are now called sneakers. Audacity now causes you to confidently comment on posts that are far outside of your field of understanding. Sprint has been moved far away from Marathon on the talent tree, and requires much less carb loading. The cost of Cheap Shot has been increased, due to inflation. The Assassination specialization has been renamed Combat. Roll the Bones now uses 20 sided dice. Pick Pocket is now 50% less effective as very few mobs carry cash anymore. Shaman
      Bloodlust can no longer be cast when the raid leader calls for Heroism. Liquid Magma Totem must now be read aloud in the voice of Dr. Evil. The Enhancement specialization has been enhanced and should no longer be referred to as merely hanced. Far Sight can now be corrected with bifocals. The Restoration specialization has been watered down. Warlock
      No changes necessary; possibly forever. Warrior
      Hamstring now can now be selected as a vegan option called Impossible Hamstring. The Frothing Berserker talent is now 30% more frothy. The Titanic Rage talent can now be used near, far, or wherever you are. Intimidating Shout can no longer be used by Gnomes. Demoralizing Shout now utilizes those backhanded compliments you hate. WoW Classic
      New Profession: Weaving
      By popular demand, we’re adding a new profession to WoW Classic. Weavers can level up through many original classic skills such as clamweaving and bearweaving to unlock powerful new abilities such as:
      Meleeweaving Realmweaving Weaveweaving At max level, Weaving becomes the only thing you do in combat. Please see the WoW Classic subreddit for further instructions.
      Developer’s note: Due to excessive Clam farming for Weaving, we feel compelled to place a sanctuary effect on the Otter enclosure. 
    • By Starym
      Today's the day and the r/WoW moderators and community got an early start with quite a few April Fools posts, beginning with a big page revamp and announcement they were switching from WoW to Final Fantasy 14!

      Announcement: We're leaving WoW and joining the Weebs!
      That’s it. We give up. We’re joining the Weebs.
      Greetings Warriors of Light & Hello Champions.
      As moderators of this subreddit, we’ve decided that we’re tired of farming rares on The Forbidden Reach, and you all should be as well. Looking forward to 10.1, the changes in affixes are too difficult for us and we’ve decided to move on from the game in protest until our issues are addressed.
      The good news: Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG called Final Fantasy XIV? It has a free trial all the way through the amazing Heavensward expansion and plenty of content! You will be able to find us there grinding our relic weapons.
      Tired of farming valor? We have tomestones you can farm. The work order system too confusing for you? Craft with Macros instead and just post on the Market Board like you used to! I know I’ll be crafting my BIS set then pentamelding it! Toxic players in LFG complaining about your DPS? Here DPS meters will get you banned so nobody will know how bad you are at the game!
      And as we all know, Transmog Glamour is the real endgame. Final Fantasy even has housing! Tired of your generic garrison. Now you can join a lottery for a chance to maybe get a house and put your own lalafell lifter!
      Tired of being surrounded by Furries like the Tauren? I know I am, I very much prefer my anthropomorphic characters to be sexy!!
      For those of you interested in continuing to play and discuss a substandard game, please check out /r/ffxiv. They have recently made some very poor life choices. In the meantime please bear with us as we implement the required changes to the subreddit.
      For those interested continuing to follow the MDI you can do so here.
      They then went on to more standard April fools fare, the classic fake patch notes!
      WoW 11.0 Patch Notes
      In the interest of trying to reach out an olive branch to Blizzard, we have prepared the following patch notes in an attempt to find a middle ground:
      Systems Changes All cooldowns should now be off the GCD.
      In the interest of making sure you have time to press the cooldowns, we are setting the GCD to 2.5 seconds baseline.
      The addon API has been sunset. If you're really that good you can play without WeakAuras. Using 3rd party tools is now bannable offense.
      AoE effects will now display as they resolve. You can react just fine without knowing where AoEs are coming from.
      /script SetCVar(“cameraDistanceMax”,XX) has been disabled to promote fair play.
      Gem sockets should be available on all equipment. Jewelcrafters should have the ability to attempt to force multiple gems into a socket that already has a gem. This won't always succeed and the gem might break.
      Add a housing system. Seriously. We've been asking for this for years. No garrisons don't count.
      Healers you want to DPS? Fine. All your globals are DPS and all your heals are now off the global. Have fun.
      Factions are being removed from the game. Its not like they serve a purpose anymore since BfA ended.
      Hearthstone Triple Triad is now available in game.
      Tired of playing the story? Come get distracted for a few weeks in the Golden Saucer! Unlike the Darkmoon Faire, it NEVER closes.
      All mounts Fly. Yes even that one.
      Race Changes Alliance
      Humans are now known as Hyur. Humans are boring in fantasy settings anyway so I'm sure you prefer that.
      Gnomes are now cuter and will be known as Lalafell. Don't worry, you can still kick your favorite guildie FC member, but now you can also bake them too.
      Dwarves and are being removed. All dwarves will be race changed to Lalafel to maintain the appropriate height.
      Night Elves are now Wildwood Elezen. Wood Elves are soo cliche, so lets add some spice.
      Void Elves are now Duskwight Elezen. See above, but you still get to be edgy.
      Draenei and Lightforged Dranei are now Xaela and Raen Au'ra respectively. We respect the RP community and 90% of all R34 art will continue to be focused here.
      Worgen will find themselves logging in as Hrothgar. If they want to be furries in combat, why yuck their yum?
      Dark Iron Dwarves are being renamed to Hellguard Roegadyn. You went through the effort to unlock them, and we wouldn't want to force you into being a Lalafell would we?
      Kul'tiran Humans will now be Roegadyn Sea Wolves to maintain their Pirate Identity.
      Mechagnomes have been removed from the game. Nobody liked them anyway.
      Orcs and Mag'har Orcs are being converted to Midland and Highland Hyur respectively. You chose a generic fantasy race, so we're leaning into that decision for you.
      Undead will also be converted to Highland Hyur to maintain their identity as "Edgy Humans"
      Tauren and Highmountain Tauren will both be converted to Helion Hrothgar. If you REALLY wanna play a furry. Sure.
      Trolls will have their backs straightened out so they can be Elezen. Now you can finally be as tall as you are meant to be.
      Zandalari Trolls are being removed. The only reason they were there in the first place was so trolls can stand up straight.
      Blood Elves are now Viera. Lets be real, you only rolled Blood Elf because you wanted to be sexy, and Veira are hot.
      Nightborne are also being converted Duskwight Elezen. They're just edgy elves much like Void Elves anyway.
      Goblins only have access to the new crafting classes. Go work that market board you.
      Vulpera are now known as Mi'quote. Now you can be even sexier.
      Pandaren will now be known as Miqo'te. We must preserve the cute factor.
      Drac'thyr will now be known as Au'ra. We must preserve the hot factor.
      Class Changes Warrior
      Arms warriors are now Samurai. Much cooler 2 handed class anyway.
      Fury warriors are now called Dragoons, to preserve the APM requirements to assist in your carpel tunnel and facilitate floor-tanking.
      Protection warriors no longer use Shields. Instead they tank things with pure rage and a 2 handed weapon. This will make gearing your character more streamlined.
      Marksman Hunters are now Bards, so we can get that Buff Class we always wanted.
      Beast Mastery hunters will be rolled into the Summoner specialization. This not only allows them to keep their pets, but keeps them from getting too confused by the rotation.
      Survival Hunters have been removed from the game. Blizzard made a mistake, so lets just pretend they never existed.
      Fire, Frost and Arcane will all be rolled into a new specialization class called "Black Mage". They will keep their Rune of Power Leylines ability.
      Why do we still call Ninjas "Subtly" rogues. They're ninjas, and Ninjas are cooler.
      Outlaw rogue will be ported over to the new system shortly. We love the idea of maintaining the Pirates vs Ninjas trope. Knowing Blizzard this will likely cost a raid tier though.
      Assassination will now be Machinists. There are too many melee classes in the game and Rogues need a ranged option.
      Holy Priest will still be the most generic possible healer as a White Mage. You'll be fine.
      Discipline Priests are unique in healing by DPSing, so the obvious decision here is Sage.
      Shadow priests are picking up a Spear and will become Dragoons moving Forward. Lets be real we only bring you for PI Dragon Sight anyway.
      In an attempt to allow Demonology Warlocks to maintain their identity as a pet specialization we are converting them to Scholars. Don't worry, most of your global are still DPS casts. You just heal between them.
      Affliction Warlocks have been removed from the game. DoT classes are too complicated anyway.
      Destruction Warlocks will join Mages in Turretting Fire spells while eating mechanics to the face as a Black Mage.
      Protection Paladin has been renamed to just Paladin. Captain America's Shield is being replaced by a spell called "Unlimited Blade Works"
      Retribution Paladin is being removed from the game temporarily for yet another massive rework. It will return in the next expansion in 11.1 as Blizzard will likely need time to focus on other class design during this overhaul.
      We know Holy Paladins really love managing Blessing of Summer, so we will let them continue to micro-manage party buffs as Astrologians.
      Guardian Druids will maintain their role as the most annoying tank to heal in the new Gunbreaker class!
      Resto Druids will randomly be assigned between White Mage and Astrologian as really all they do is put HoTs out anyway.
      Feral Druids have been removed from the game. None of you liked us anyway.
      Balance Druids are now Dancers. We're tired of the raid team giving you all the buffs. Now you can buff everyone else.
      Elemental Shamans will now play Red Mages so they can be useful as a Res-bot.
      All Enhancement Shamans will be converted to Ninjas to assist you further with your carpel tunnel.
      We've heard feedback Restoration Shamans miss Vesper Totem. Totems are pets right? I think scholar fits best here.
      Monk is being renamed to Monk. Monks punch things. Why do we need them to do anything else??
      Demon Hunters
      We are finally adding a 3rd specialization for Demon Hunters. The Reaper specialization is being added for you edgelords to have something extra to play.
      The development time for Reaper was longer than expected. We expect Havoc and Vengeance to be reimplemented at a later date.
      Death Knights
      Blood Death Knights have been renamed to Dark Knights. With the loss of Vengeance we really need an edgy tank to stick around.
      Unholy and Frost are being rolled into the new Reaper specialization.
      Demon Hunters are being removed from the game. With only one specialization there really isn't a point.
      Evokers can now play any class they want, as it should have been from the start.
      Then we have an outrageous new Twitch drop to not look forward to:
      The community got right in there and joined the FF14 conversion fun immediately, with some classic repeated posts getting slightly tuned:
      There's plenty more to be seen over on r/wow, and even more will arrive during the day. Meanwhile we'll be keeping an eye out for the official Blizzard April Fools entries as well!
    • By Starym
      We have some Paladin action today, as well as a repeat of the Phoenix Wishwing fix from yesterday, and some Wrath Classic improvements.
      March 31 (Source)
      Paladin Holy Fixed an issue that caused the cooldowns of Judgment and Crusader Strike to not be reduced by Avenging Crusader. Items and Rewards
      Fixed an issue where the Phoenix Wishwing pet would not properly appear in the pet journal. Wrath of the Lich King Classic
      Activating Tracking abilities such as Find Fish can no longer trigger combat effects.
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