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Revival Catalyst in Patch 10.1 Only Accepts Veteran Gear and Above

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The Revival Catalyst has been enabled for testing on the 10.1.5 PTR and to convert items, you will need Season 2 Veteran gear, or higher.

UPDATE: Initially, we thought Champion rank or higher is required for converting items, but it's actually Veteran. Thanks to patf0rd the screenshot.

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The Revival Catalyst will be enabled on live servers on June 13, 2023. During that week, all characters on your account will automatically gain the first charge without doing anything. Catalyst charges are no longer tied to completing quests.

Patch 10.1 introduced a new gear upgrading system and multiple types of gear. One interesting change we spotted on the 10.1.5 PTR is you can't convert Season 2 items below the Veteran rank. Such items will be greyed out and the Catalyst won't accept them.

We also noticed the amount of charges has been increased to 8 (up from 6 in Season 1).


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The charges to 8 is already there on live, as well as the new currency. Just the wait for it to be turned on in June.

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The thing with this new version of the catalyst is not that it only accepts veteran/champion gear or higher. It's that it only accepts some versions of veteran/champion gear. For example, the champion piece you get from the weekly quest to run 5 heroics is not eligible, while veteran pieces from Fyrakk assaults are. I have multiple pieces of the same gear with some ilvl differences, some even from the same upgrade tier (both veteran, for example), where one of them is eligible and the other is not.

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Just to add detail to what mtmf said: Only Suffused items on Veteran or higher can be converted, the Moonless/Sunless/Skyless/Starless items that drop from WQs, Rares and even as BoEs can not.

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