Revival Catalyst Guide for Dragonflight (10.0.7)

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The Revival Catalyst in Patch 10.0.5 is used to turn non-set pieces of the appropriate slot into a new set piece of the same item level.


What is the Revival Catalyst?

The Revival Catalyst is a console that lets you convert Dragonflight Season 1 non-set items of the appropriate slot into Primalist Tier Set items of the same item level.

The system has been introduced as bad luck protection for players who, due to bad RNG, cannot complete their tier set and for alts to catch up on gear later in the expansion.


When Will the Revival Catalyst Be Available in Dragonflight?

The Revival Catalyst was enabled on live servers with the launch of Patch 10.0.5 on January 24, 2023, in the Americas and one day later in Europe.


Where to Pick Up the Revival Catalyst Intro Quest?

Go to the Seat of the Aspects in Valdrakken and talk to Watcher Koranos. He is located at 54.52 41.20. You want to pick up the intro quest called Reviving the Machine.

The first Catalyst weekly quest can be picked up at Antuka in Tyrhold. Follow-up quests can be conveniently picked up near the Great Vault in Valdrakken.


Where is the Revival Catalyst Located in Dragonflight?

The Revival Catalyst Console can be found in Tyrhold near an NPC named Antuka.

First, fly to the cave, as shown in the image below.

The entrance is located at 59.53 53.71 in Thaldraszus.

Go inside and seek out Antuka.


Revival Catalyst Charges

Inside the building, Antuka will have the first weekly quest for you to unlock Revival Catalyst charges. The charges are called Renascent Lifeblood. You must spend 1 charge every time you convert items. You can only have 6 charges per character.


Is it Possible to Catch Up on Catalyst Charges in Dragonflight?

No, there is no catch-up system for Catalyst charges and you will only receive 1 charge upon completing the weekly quest.


How to Earn Revival Catalyst Charges?

A weekly quest lets you earn a Catalyst Charge every week. You must complete group content throughout Dragonflight and fill the bar to 100% for the quest.

  • Clearing Mythic Dungeons provides 25% quest credit. Timewalking, Normal and Heroic Difficulty Dungeons provide no quest credit.
  • Defeating Vault of the Incarnates raid bosses gives 25% quest credit per boss.
  • Completing Rare and Epic World Quests grants 20% quest progress per quest. Standard World Quests provide no quest credit.
  • Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Solo Shuffle provide 20% quest credit per win.
  • Killing Rares in the Dragon Isles does not provide any quest credit with the exception of Rares from Primal Storms, which provide 10%.
  • World Events like Siege of the Dragonbane Keep or Grand Hunts provide no quest credit.

All characters on your WoW account can contribute progress towards completing the quest. Completing the quest awards 1 charge to all current and future characters on your account. As mentioned above, you can have a maximum of 6 charges per character. Each of your characters can spend charges individually.


What Dragonflight Season 1 Gear Can Be Converted into Tier Set Pieces?

Revival Catalyst can be used to convert the following types of Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1 gear into Tier Set pieces:


How Does the Revival Catalyst Work?

The Revival Catalyst works the same way as the Creation Catalyst from Shadowlands.

When you collect a Catalyst charge, head to the console and click the + button to provide a non-set Season 1 item piece of the appropriate slot.

The applicable slots are Helms, Shoulders, Cloaks, Chests, Bracers, Gloves, Belts, Legs, and Boots, but only items that occupy Tier Set slots will be converted into set pieces. The remaining slots are converted just for transmog.

When you decide which item you would like to convert, press the Transform button, and the conversion will begin. The Season 1 item will be consumed along with 1 Catalyst charge for every converted piece of armor.

The Revival Catalyst window shows you how many charges you currently have and the output item you will get when the conversion is complete.

Will Tier Set Bonuses Work on All Items Made with the Revival Catalyst?

No, the 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses will only be on Helms, Shoulders, Chests, Gloves, and Legs.

Other slots will be converted to non-set items with different secondary stats. You can use the conversion process on them if you are unsatisfied with the secondary stats on your non-set items.


What is the Item Level of the Tier Set Item from the Revival Catalyst?

The resulting item level will be the same as the item you put into the catalyst. It also keeps Mythic/PvP upgrade paths, tertiary stats, and sockets.

Are Tier Set Items Created by the Revival Catalyst Upgradeable or Do You Need to Remake the Tier with a Higher Item Level Base Piece?

You will want to remake it with a higher item level base piece unless the initial version had an upgrade path from PvP or Mythic+, and you earned currency to allow it to be upgraded that way. For example, if you convert a non-set 9/13 helm from Mythic+ to a 9/13 tier piece, you will be able to use Valor to upgrade it to a 12/12 tier piece.


What Secondary Stats Will Be on the Items Made by the Revival Catalyst?

The tier pieces all have specific secondary stats regardless of what item is put into the system; only the tertiary stats and sockets carry over.


How to Restore Vendored, Disenchanted, or Destroyed Season 1 Items for the Revival Catalyst?

If you deleted, destroyed, or disenchanted an eligible item that you want to use for the system, you should visit the World of Warcraft Item Restoration page for further assistance.



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