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Class guides updated for level 90

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We finally updated our class guides to level 90.

While the rotation and talents parts were already valid for level 90, we still had to update stat priorities, hit/expertise/haste cap values, gems, enchants, consumables, profession perks, and best in slot lists.

This is a very large update and, although we checked to the best of our abilities, it is highly possible that some errors went undetected. If you notice anything wrong, we would be grateful if you could let us know ;)

Now, we will work with our friends from Ask Mr. Robot to harmonize the stat priorities between our two websites.

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    • By McLovin99
      Hey community!

      I've been looking to level a new class but I'm not quite sure what to level. I currently have a monk, fury warrior, and Demon Hunter. I'm looking for a class that has little to no downtime and a decent amount of survivablity, mobility, as well as an even amount of single target and multiple target damage abilities. Don't really mind if its a hybrid class because i dont might healing every once in a while.

      Thanks for your help!
    • By Valkas
      I played at the launch of legion for a good month or two, but i've recently come back. I picked up unholy and I really like it but I like to have some alts so i'm looking for another option.

      Now, to clarify my question. What I mean when I ask for complexity is perhaps not everyones definition. When I play my UDK, I understand the basics. Put on wounds, pop wounds=Damage. Obviously it's a lot deeper than that in terms of our kit but thats the general gist. When I play UDK, I feel as if I play it more i'll get better. There's some RNG, and lots of varying situations as to what button I need to press next to squeeze out the most dps.

      That's the kind of thing I crave. And i'm curious what other classes have this type of playstyle in the same or varying degrees. I know for a fact feral is in this camp, and if i'd guess i'd say it's the most complex class in legion at the moment. The problem is I don't really like Feral's flavor. I tried Arms warrior but my problem with it was i'd colossus smash...and then just hit the guy. It never really seemed to change and that got on my nerves a little, despite me loving the flavor. 

      To summarize, what classes do you guys thing have the deepest pool of choices, the most you can wring out of them by practice and mastery of them. Whether that be through best rotation or maybe even a legendary or two that mix it up for them. Thanks in advance!
    • By Archimage
      Can we have a Mythic+ page on each of the class guides, indicating:
      Talents Single target (Boss) rotation (just refer to the normal class rotation guide). AoE (4+) Rotation (mobs/trash). AoE (4+) Stat Priority.
    • By Kanyia
      What would be the best build for a frost death knight, i just started playing the game again after 2 years and well i have no idea what i'm doing my character is lvl 90 and i want to be a dps i was blood but someone helped me on that all i really want to do it dungeons and raids i want nothing to do with pvp although when i was playing i must have done pvp alot because i have full pvp gear basically i would like to know what gear to get for pve what skills to use for frost and blood because the person said to use both and where to get the gear i really love this game and would like to get better at it because all i do i spam a bunch of skills not really knowing what i'm doing so if there is anyone of these forums who would help me out on this that would be awesome
    • By Orthios
      So, I recently got to thinking about what Blizz could add or change to the classes in WoD that would make them more exciting.  But since we are not getting any more buttons (at least for now), then the skills we currently have are going to be buffed/empowered as we level from 90 to 100.  So, what changes to the classes do y'all think/want to happen?
      I'll start with my hunter:
      Buff the main attacks (KC, aimed shot, Black Arrow, BW, Explosive Shot, and Chimera Shot), maybe add a bleed effect/extended DoT (more time in BW), decrease focus cost, increased damage a 6th pet slot Increase base focus to 125, 150 for BM with more focus, a faster focus regen rate Buff Steady/Cobra Shot Buff traps or a new trap - a bear/fox trap that snares and damages Better AoE from Multi-Shot, its good as it is, but could be better Buff Deterence for better ability to soak damage  
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