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Bridging the Gap (How to get better at Hearthstone)

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Hello, I have been playing Hearthstone for about 4 weeks now. I have completed all the wings of Naxxrammas and all the class challenges.


While I am terrible at constructing decks, with the help of this site I have managed to peak at rank 18 but I hover mainly on 20 sometimes spending a few days at a time at 19. I feel as though I have a fairly comprehensive understanding when it comes to actually playing the board. Almost all my losses are due some big legendary or other rare card stomping me out of nowhere, pretty much all the other losses are from mistakes that I can identify.


This point seems, at least for now, to be a bit of a dead end. Even at rank 20 70% of the people I am vsing have decks with many rare cards with which I simply can't compete (Or perhaps I can but I don't know how to improve my decks with the few rarer cards I have earnt)


The Arena is the bane of my existence. I have never gotten more than 2 wins and I regularly get 1 or 0. It honestly feels like I am the most unlucky person ever, but logically I need to improve my deck building skills.


So there are a 2 questions I would like to pose to the community, especially to those wonderful people who already share their decks and strategies with noobs like me on this very site.


  1. How best should I approach improving my decks? (In other words what is the best way to get more gold or more money or more arcane dust)
    1. Keep plodding away at this level buying card packs every 100 gold.
    2. Learn how to compete in the Arena. (If so how??? lol)
    3. Pick a hero, find a deck that you like the look of, proceed to disenchant all the other hard earnt cards to build that one deck and hope against hope it ends up being the deck for you.
    4. Some other method that has eluded my thouht process.
  2. Basic Decks! Let me start this question by saying, thank you SO SO much to the people who have built this site and keep the decks up to date.

Would it be possible for the current depository of Basic decks for each class to be improved by having a somewhat more exstensive section on how to improve the deck with cards you might have.

For example I have all the Naxx cards, none of which are included in the Basic decks, I also have, over time, gotten about 30 card packs, so I am certainly not restricted to basic cards, but I have yet to get enough excess cards or arcane dust to move up to the other decks shared here.


Thanks to anyone and everyone who decides to contribute to this discussion. Happy Hearthing and good luck with your draws!


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I am around 70% in Arena an looking for someone to coach on my stream. So I could help you out there. I am not charging anything. I just want it to be streamed and uploaded to youtube. So if you have a reasonable mic and uploadspeed to stream your monitor to me you can PM me.

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I am around 70% in Arena an looking for someone to coach on my stream. So I could help you out there. I am not charging anything. I just want it to be streamed and uploaded to youtube. So if you have a reasonable mic and uploadspeed to stream your monitor to me you can PM me.

That sounds like an awesome offer! I would certainly accept, except I don't think I fit those requirements lol. My mic is just my macbook pro mic and my internet is typical of country Australia where I live. ADSL 2 on shared phonelines -.- I will check out your stream though ofcourse!

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