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Colorful Conjurings: The FFXIV Pictomancer DPS Guide Is Live Now!

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With the new expansion, Dawntrail, one of the two new classes is the Pictomancer, a magical ranged DPS job that will bring art to life through Aether and a magical brush. Discover how the class plays through our brand-new DPS guide!

Pictomancer is the first DPS caster announced since the Red Mage back in Stormblood. Like other casters, it will use the same gear and the same main stat: Intelligence. The Pictomancer Job can be picked up if you own Dawntrail and if you have another job at Level 80 or higher. You can unlock the job in Gridania, and it will also start at Level 80.

The Pictomancer mechanics offer a lot of strategic resource management and dynamic combat options.
Here are the core mechanics of the Job:

  • Aetherhue: a three-part combo filling a set amount of the job gauge, as well as generating a white or black pip depending on the combo used, which allows you to execute an instant-cast spell:
    • Aetherhue Combo:
      • Basic 3-part combo: fire, wind, water spells.
      • Generates 25 gauge and a white pip.
      • White Pip allows for an instant-cast spell similar to Holy.
    • Inverted Combo:
      • Activated at 50 Gauge, inverts the Aetherhue combo to ice, earth, and lightning spells.
      • Costs more MP, does more damage, and changes a white pip to black.
      • Black pip enables casting a meteor-like spell.
    • Pip Generation:
      • A long-cast-time spell generates a white pip.
      • Instant execution after five spells in Landscape motif.
  • Motifs Mechanics: The resource gauge contains three motifs on different canvases: a creature motif, a weapon motif, and a landscape motif. Each motif has its own purpose. They can be prepared either before battle or during battle.
    • Creature Motif
      • Execute creature parts to perform attacks.
      • Motif Sequence: Moogle pom, wings, claw, fangs.
      • Ends with a powerful AoE spell that will reset the canvas.
    • Weapon Motif:
      • Three-part Hammer combo guarantees crits and direct hits for each step of the combo, resulting in nice burst damage.
      • Instant cast, making this combo good for movement without sacrificing potency.
      • Final step may require proximity to the target.
    • Landscape Motif:
      • Raid buff: places a ground AoE granting various raid-wide buffs.
      • Generates a white pip.
      • Grants access to a powerful finisher spell.

Be aware that all this information is pre-media tour information and is subject to change!

The Pictomancer is shaping up to be a powerful new spellcaster job, enabling players to deliver strong DPS while also providing buffs for the entire party. To prepare for the release of Dawntrail and to learn more about the Pictomancer playstyle, check out our comprehensive Pictomancer guide below, where you will find all you need to know about the class, including its unique features, core mechanics, rotations, and more! 

The guide will continuously be updated with the latest information as soon as more details are released, and the class will be tested in-game to make sure you always have access to an up-to-date guide!


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