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[Archived] Hearthstone Legendary Mage Secrets Midrange Deck

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Guest SinCerebro



Even though I'm just a casual player, I'd like to comment a version of this deck that a friend and I did on our own a few months ago. The basic idea is the same but it's a little slower so has a better late game. The differences are these:


-2 Mana Wrym

-1 Loot Hoarder

-1 Mirror Entity

-2 Kirin Tor Mage

-2 Water Elemental

-1 Loatheb


+2 Haunted Creeper

+2 Arcane Intellect

+1 Vaporize

+1 Ethereal Arcanist

+1 Baron Rivendare

+1 Defender of Argus

+1 Blizzard


It has weaker early game if you don't draw great, but tries to compensate it with more minion presence (Haunted Creeper), Defender of Argus in case the opponent ignores our minions and an extra AoE (Blizzard instead of another flamestrike, as 1 mana turns out to be decisive in some zoo matchups).


Then it gains a more powerful draw with Arcane Intellect, Baron Rivendare disturbs a lot against control, as most of our minions have deathrattle and Ethereal Arcanist is an additional finisher and can be easily duplicated.


About the Vaporize instead of the second Mirror Entity is just that i like it more. I've played both and I like more Vaporize.


I hit rank 9 in the November season with this deck (maybe could have been a little higher if I had played more) being just a casual player (making more mistakes than I'd like to admit tongue.png ). Playing copy/pasted (non-expensive) legend decks I'm far from that rank. I just say this as I think this version cannot be that bad if a newbie as me reached rank 9.


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