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The Weak Aura Thread [DK]

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Heys icy veins!


I find myself often in a situation where I'd like to ask if someone has a specific type of aura, but I don't want to create a new thread every single time so here goes trying to make a weakaura exchange thread for DKs. Feel free to request or share your auras in here!


I'll start by asking if anyone has a Dark Transformation duration aura for Unholy? Like an icon with a timer and the basic cooldown effect for the duration.

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Once my pet is in DT yes, I have a tracking bar on how long it will be in DT. Are you asking how to set it up? This helps me keep track of when I should be holding off spending RP and keeping it at above 70 that way when DT drops I'm casting death coil to get it back up as fast as possiable.

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A timer bar for DT would indeed be exactly what im looking for. It'd be great if you could post the strings :)


Also thanks for the link, gonna see what it looks like when i get home.

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