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What to do with a daily quest that's abandoned from your lunarfall inn?

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I accidentaly abandoned the quest 'titanic evolution' from my lunarfall inn and now that's the only quest i need for my lvl 3 inn upgrade, but i've been waiting for 3 days to give the quest a respawn chance, but still nothing happened...


If anyone of you could help me out with this it would be much appreciated!


thx in advance



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I abandoned my fishing shack quest due to my quest log being full. Now I can't get it back. I have had no more quests from the fishing trainer since. Please help!!! I am a lvl 100 and my main building is a lvl 3.

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Ezmodus, there is likely little to do about that except wait for the NPC to return to your inn saddly. Violetstorm, may be worth creating a ticket over an issue like that ingame.

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