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Follower optimizer for highmaul and BRF raid missions

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Hi all,


With 6.1 coming soon, I decided to make an excel spreadsheet that helps to identify which abilities my garrison followers are missing for Highmaul and BRF (PTR mined) raid missions. I found it helpful in selecting which followers' ilvls to improve.



Simply input your followers' abilities in the blue cells and the spreadsheet will output the optimal follower selection which counters the most number of abilities. 



1. These missions are only accessible when you have 2-3 followers with ilvls above 645 for HM and 660 for BRF. 

2. The rewards scale to the next level of difficulty of raids. Eg. cache rewards 670 gear when you have completed normal HM and 685 gear when you have completed heroic HM. At mythic level, you get rewards of the same tier + 1000g

3. 15 boss kills are required to unlock each tier.


Hope this helps.

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