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mop tankadin haste question

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First of all I am a huge fan of ur guides. My question is with the priority mastery > haste > parry dodge > exp... how much haste should I go for, is there a point to where u can keep up the buff from shield of the righteous 100% of the time, and if so can u give me some sort of number.... thanks for ur time

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Unfortunately the melee haste buff provided unholy aura for example from a death knight doesn't apply to the sanctity of battle; in my own testing to maintain a up-time of the SOTR on its 3 sec duration, you would be looking at 40% plus haste in order to closely get that up-time as crusader and hammer of the righteous are on a base 4.5 cd follow by judgment with a 6 second cd. So applying a 30% haste to CS and Judgment respectively at 3.15 and 4.2 and using 40% haste for CS and judgment respectively at 2.7 and 3.6 will be your closest up-time of 100%, which I don't see happening until far into the expansion; especially without severely hurting the amount of mastery that may be possibly reforge out of anytime soon to help smooth out dmg. Plus, you have to be on point timing all those CS or Hammer of the righteous and judgment to maintain at near 100%. The only problem I see from this haste build is ignoring the regular non-proc use of AS, HW, and Consecrate for the added dps and threat. I suggest some balance between mastery and haste to find a sweet gap between the use of CS and Judgment along with other abilities, for example my goal is to reach between 11 to 12% to reduce the cd of CS to 4 sec and further into tier 14 I would like to sit around 20% to 22% to reduce my CS to 3.5 sec.

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The stat priority that you are/were referring to should be Stamina > Hit > Expertise > Haste > Mastery. We updated our priority rather recently for this (I don't know the history of Ask Mr. Robot's priority), so it's possible it was different when you posted this thread.

Basically, in this case, you want to cap your Hit and Expertise if possible (including Expertise to 15%), and just go for Haste afterwards. There really isn't an achievable limit to Haste in this scenario.

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