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What kind of dps should I be getting on heroic butcher?


I am wondering if I am low or if I could change something to get better dps, as arcane is meant to be the top dps according to simcraft


Here is my character


mr robot logs


sorry - only a 3 min fight for logs


rotation - arcane blast x 3 - if arcane missile proc - if not arcane blast 4 then arcane missiles (if proc), supernova x 2, if no arcane missile proc, arcane barrage




burn arcane blast during lust


I am not sure what I could improve except I  have only been using evoc during lust phase when mana is low. Generally my mana doesnt go lower than 95% - I thought that using evoc at this stage would be a waste of dps.


rune of power better than mirror images?



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With your gear you can do up to 21k on h butcher.
Here's a better rotation if you want to play with arcane orb:

My Opening: (not counting pots or time warp/lust/heroism/ancient hysteria/thing that gives everyone haste)

Arcane Orb, Arcane Blast until Arcane Charges at 4, Arcane Power Macro (includes on use trinkets), supernovax2(unless 3 missile procs/weave with missile procs to get more missile procs), Arcane Missiles and Arcane Blasts to 50% mana (never lower/just before ok), Evocation to full mana, Arcane Orb, Conserve phase


Conserve Phase: (priority system, top to bottom)

Switch to Burn Phase if Evocation will be up about when my burn phase will call for it (depends on standing procs and level of haste, that's why I can't put a number on it)

Supernova at Incanter's Flow Max (only if using Incanter's Flow)

Arcane Orb if charges<=2 (if it can hit two targets, change that to <=1, and if three or more use it when charges are empty (you should be doing an aoe rotation if over three trash mobs))

Arcane Blast to 4 charges

Arcane Power Macro if up

Arcane Missiles

Supernova if Rune of Power to try and proc missiles (or save it for a double nova when arcane power is up)

Arcane Blast if over 95% mana

Arcane Barrage


Burn Phase:

1. Get to 4 charges

2. Do conserve rotation without arcane barrage

3. Use trinket actives

4. Evocation at or before 50% mana, arcane orb when you hit 100% mana (or cancel your evocation with arcane blast), and then go into conserve phase.



I consider the burn phase the most complex and simplest part of the arcane rotation at once. Mechanically it's the simplest because it consists of 2 or 3 buttons. Decision making wise it's the most complex because you want to go into it as soon as possible to not waste time, but you don't want to waste even more time waiting for Evocation to come up.

Also, if you are on Brackenspore, you want to go ham if healers set up the blue mushroom. By ham I mean you want to burn as much as possible in that blue mushroom effect. The blue mushroom is the best thing in the world for arcane mages.


Keep in mind that avoiding damage and counter spelling is top priority. If you have to disrupt your rotation to do either, do so. Remember: You have to be living in order to do damage.

You want to bind Ice Floes and use it during movement. You can set your Rune of Power to your destination while running.



I normally save my in fight potion for the first burn phase (not including the opener as one) or for raid haste buff (whatever it might be called).


With power crystal you want to make sure your arcane power is NOT glyphed so that the cds line up. Then you use PC before you use arcane power. Make sure to save 2 supernova charges for power crystal.


Here's a lazy macro for PC: (slight dps hit as the global cd wastes time on your arcane power)

#showtooltip Prismatic Crystal
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Arcane Power
/cast Prismatic Crystal

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Hey there,


yes your damage output is very low for your gear, you should be able to reach 20k without any problem, especially on statics fights like the butcher.


-I would take the RoP for this fight, as you barely move at all

-Use supernova whenever the Cd is up, except when you have to wait a few seconds to use it on prismatic crystal. Using your two SN on the crystal is one of your priority, since you will inflinct increased damage on the crystal, on the butcher will take the AOE damage as well.

-You can win (at least) 70 mastery with minor enchants on your meck and your ring (your heroic ring deserves a better enchant though)



rotation - arcane blast x 3 - if arcane missile proc - if not arcane blast 4 then arcane missiles (if proc), supernova x 2, if no arcane missile proc, arcane barrage


I am not sure of what you want to mean by "if arcane missile proc" but you have to cast AM on your third arcane charge only if you have 3 charges of arcane missiles.


-You miss the burn phase of the arcane mage dps rotation. Whenever your evocation is about to be available, you can spam arcane blast until you reach 50% mana, then, use your evocation.



You don't really need to raid to improve your dps for this kind of fight, you can start on the training dummy, with your arcane intelligence buff, (and why not, food buff), you should be able to use 18k without a perfect dps rotation. Otherwise, you are doing something wrong.


Good luck!


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I think my issues looking at that rotation were


- using mirrors instead of rune of power - i noticed rune of power is better now Ive tried it out.


- evocating at 10% instead of 50%


- arcane orb seems to be a dps increase, maybe cause i am messing around with the placement of the crystal too much? is there a faster way to place it?


- burn phase - after the initial burn at the start, i never burnt again because my mana was always high, am I meant to?

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- arcane orb seems to be a dps increase, maybe cause i am messing around with the placement of the crystal too much? is there a faster way to place it?


- burn phase - after the initial burn at the start, i never burnt again because my mana was always high, am I meant to?


There is no secret to how place your prismatic crystal. You just need to be sure that the boss will stay in the area for the next 12s, if he is going to move for some reason, then, delay your PC a little bit. Sometimes, the tank will move it for a random reason and you will be screwed. Shit happens. But practice makes perfect!


THe other secret about PC is to have your two charges of supernova ready, and possibly as well, your 3 arcane missile and your spirit presence for an instant arcane blast.


Regarding the burn phase, when your evocation is going to be up, just spam arcane blast until you reach 50% mana, and then use your evocation. It is a simple as that. If your mana does not go down when you spam arcane blast, comething is going wrong.


COncerning rune of power, use it only on very static fights (Kargath, butcher, brackenspore). On more mobile fights like twin ogrons, incanter's flow might be a better choice. If you realise you don't spend a lot of time on your rune, or that you need to recast it too often, then switch to IF. And try to use your supernvovaes when you have the maximum bonus damage.


Good luck!




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