Addon for tracking multiple enemies?

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Hey all.  As you know, when dotweaving you should replace mind spikes with SW:Pain on off-targets on fights with more than one enemy.  I'm looking for an addon that can order my enemies' bars somehow, or be Grid (the addon) but for enemies.  


Any of you guys know of an addon that will accomplish this sort of thing?  Tab targeting is a real hastle, and trying to click the enemy I want almost always  results in delays, throwing off my dotweave completely. 


Thanks guys!

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I remember an old one "ForteXorcist" not sure if its update to 6.0. But it still just show your dots not all enemy you face. 


If you need pure raid boss hp frame there are alot to pick here. I use ShadowedUnitFrames. In options i set to show my dots only, i resize them/reposition to my needs. It do alot more than just Boss Frame so playing in options can take some time. You should be able to turn off everything but boss frame.  


Another good option to track multiple targets dots ( in aoe lots of new adds and overall chaos ) is TidyPlates << if you spend time configure it...  you will never go back.You can set it to change hp color when low enough for SW:Death snipe ( im a Warlock so its Shadowburn for me ^^ )  


Also for healing i change plates to 50 % optaticy and 50 % size only go to 100% when its my target

so it dont bother me when im running around and i see where is my target ( in fire for example ^^ )


I strongly advice to do a copy of interface folder before you will go hardcore on config. I also suggest go 1st in profile tab ( in addon ) and set a name for it so you will not do everything on "default" witch can be linked across all characters and moving something on alt can destroy your main settings. 


Its what i find best for me and it cooperate good with all other addons i use. 


For addon updating i use WoWMatrix thing. Auto detect interface and auto update ALL ADDONS lika boss. 


If you need any interface ( performence/raid setings ) i can advice what you need to make it clean. 


Hope it helps

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