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I was wondering if we could organize the forums a little (specifically the guide comments forum).

When I go into there specifically i go through a whole list of topics, most of which are unread and are sorted by newest post.

I propose that multiple sub-forums are made, specifically for guide comments at least, Not sure if other forums need a little organization, that include a section for:

  • Boss Guides - (and/or by instance)
  • Class Guides
  • Event Guides
  • etc....
With this it would at least help people navigate to a specific guide or to check if there are new comments on some of the boss guides.

Hope this helps.

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I'll try to take a look at it. I haven't created sub-forums yet, so I don't know how it's going to work out :P Thanks for the suggestion ;)

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I'm glad you suggested that!

Certainly as a moderator it's been easier to understand where "that damn thread" is ^_^

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      I think it would be useful to include builds and legendary recommendations for open-world/leveling in BfA, in addition to raiding/mythic+.  Some guides do touch on this but not consistently.  (Including open-world/leveling in the general guide framework would be good, too.)  With so many changes I've seen/heard a lot of folks going with survivability/generic legendaries like Prydaz/Sephuz versus talent/ability boosters.  I'd love to hear what the guide writers and others here think.
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      Would it be possible with reasonable amount of resources and time that you have available, to create couple of generic general gameplay/map guides for Heroes of the Storm? There are already a couple for other games, although mostly pretty old ones. Things like general guidelines for tanking, healing and stutter stepping as well as map guides of what heroes are which priority and how the maps play out? You already have some maps covered at the "map specific advice", but as the "new hero guide format" cuts the map specific advice part off, would adding such thing be possible. Not that I would be desperately in need of one, but if I had to guess, a lot of people would be glad to get them available.
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      Does this exist or is it just a well kept secret? I've found a few forums threads but nothing as comprehensive as the aforementioned Hunter guide. Anything would be a great help.
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