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Sottle Wins Gfinity Hearthstone Premium Cup

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Icy Veins' own Sottle was victorious in Gfinity's January 13th Hearthstone Premium Cup. In a tournament including numerous top pro players such as Chakki, Cipher, Kaldi, Blackout, Greensheep, and Powder, Sottle was able to claim victory. All of his decklists are included herein.


The Gfinity format allowed players to run any deck they had built in advance, using no declarations or bans of any kind. When I asked Sottle how he felt about playing under this ruleset, he noted that it was "extremely difficult" to strategize, given the ready availability of many hard counters that his opponents could utilize.


Ultimately, Sottle led with Paladin as his main class, and rotated in Hunter, Druid, and Warrior decks over the course of the tournament. He recommended the Paladin opener as a safe, stable choice, and one that required your opponent to think carefully about which variant on the class you might be running. Druid filled a similar niche, while Hunter and Warrior were options brought to bear for specific counter play (Hunter to deal with aggressive Druid and Handlock, Warrior as the hard counter to Freeze Mage).


Here are the complete decklists (spoilered for size):






Sottle did note a minor misplay in the streamed bracket that he attributed to nerves during such a critical match, but was able to recover and plans to work on his concentration during tournament performances in the future.


Congratulations to Sottle on his excellent tournament performance!

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