[Resto] Glyphs and Stats - which do we like most?

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Hi biggrin.png


So I started playing druid this expansion and it's been rather fun! After doing much reading on the internets I have realised that things are rather subjective and situational when it comes to choosing glyphs.


However, I would like a little experienced druid-like opinion on which glyphs you guys think are best suited for use at the moment - for example, Glyph of Blooming (I haven't seen much on it and, while you want close to 100% uptime on Lifebloom, that extra heal on the tank when it expires is really nice on things like Butcher HC(at least I find))


Please fire off your thoughts on which glyphs one should be aiming to use and which, if any, one should avoid.


The second part is just a clarification on which secondary stat one should go for - I've been gemming Haste (cos the internet said so) but seen other sites mention mastery as well. What's your favourite secondary stat? cool.png


Thanks a bunch in advance biggrin.png

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I use wild growth, stampeding roar, and rebirth. The problem with Blooming is you can refresh it with a direct heal, so you're wasting a little bit of Mana for a bloom effect that isn't needed all the time, on top of you having to micro manage it more with a 10s duration. 


Haste and mastery are both fine stats to go for. Haste pulled ahead a little bit from the most recent Hotfix. 

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