Superconduct Elemental Reaction

Superconduct Elemental Reaction in Genshin Impact

This page contains information about the Superconduct Reaction in Genshin Impact, explaining what Superconduct is, how the Elemental Reaction occurs as well as some recommendations for characters which utilise this reaction.

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Superconduct Reaction Guide in Genshin Impact

Superconduct is an Elemental Reaction caused by applying Electro onto Cryo and vice versa. When a Superconduct reaction occurs, AoE Cryo DMG will be dealt and affected enemies will have their Physical RES Reduced by 40%.


Best Superconduct Characters

Listed below are some characters which effectively utilise the Superconduct Elemental Reaction. Most Characters who are able to create this Reaction cannot necessarily benefit from the Reaction due to it only buffing Physical DMG. This is not a definitive list and other characters can be used either to trigger the reaction or to be built for a Physical Playstyle.

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Character Explanation
Rosaria While Rosaria rarely makes use of the Superconduct reaction, using her Elemental Burst Rites of Termination allows for impressive off-field Cryo application to help with Elemental Reactions.
Mika Mika's Suppressive Barrage Ascension Passive and Companion's Counsel (C6) both help to increase Physical DMG for your on-field Character. This allows your on-field character to fully utilise the Superconduct reaction. On top of that Mika is a Cryo character and a healer allowing him to fit multiple roles at the same time.
Fischl Fischl is an Electro character with amazing Elemental Application due to both Nightrider and Midnight Phantasmagoria both summoning Oz who regularly deals Electro DMG. This is great as Oz can then apply Electro off-field while you set up for the Superconduct Reaction.
Eula Eula is the strongest Physical DPS currently in the game and therefore benefits most from the Superconduct reaction. Additionally, due to being a Cryo character, Eula is able to assist in helping apply Cryo for Elemental Reactions.


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