Overload Elemental Reaction

Overload Elemental Reaction in Genshin Impact

This page contains information about the Overload Reaction in Genshin Impact, explaining what Overload is, how the Elemental Reaction occurs as well as some recommendations for characters which utilise this reaction.

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Overload Reaction Guide in Genshin Impact

Overload is an Elemental Reaction caused by applying Pyro onto Electro or vice versa. When an Overload reaction occurs it will create an explosion causing knockback.

Overloaded damage cannot CRIT and will also not apply Pyro to any nearby targets. However, because the damage creates an explosion it also counts as Blunt damage and can subsequently trigger the Shatter. This means it can also be used to damage shields, break rock formations and mine ore.


Best Overload Characters

Listed below are some characters which effectively utilise the Overloaded Elemental Reaction. This is not a definitive list and many Pyro or Electro characters can be used.

Check out our character build guides for team comp examples!

Character Explanation
Chevreuse Chevreuse is a powerful support capable of healing, applying Pyro, reducing enemy Pyro and Electro RES and increasing Pyro and Electro DMG. She is heavily built towards this reaction and is a great support. The downside being that her Ascension Passive Vertical Force Coordination requires only Pyro and Electro characters.
Yanfei Yanfei is a powerful 4-star DPS who due to being a catalyst user, can attack from range. This means she can easily handle enemies that are displaced due to the knockback effect of this reaction. As an on-field catalyst user, Yanfei can also consistently apply Pyro with no downsides.
Yoimiya Yoimiya can greatly benefit from being in Overload teams, due to being a bow character Yoimiya has the ability to handle enemies who are knocked back from the reaction. Her Elemental Skill Niwabi Fire-Dance also converts all attacks into Pyro DMG meaning she can easily apply Pyro.
Fischl Fischl is a powerful off-field DPS who can consistently apply Electro for Overloaded reactions. Both her Burst and Skill allow Oz to enter the field and consistently apply Electro even while using other characters. This is great for Elemental Reactions.


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