Empowered Monolith of Fate Guide for Last Epoch

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On this page you will find everything you need to know about the Empowered Monolith of Fate and Special Echoes you may encounter in Last Epoch. This guide will help you understand the core features of the endgame so that you can maximize your rewards.


Last Epoch Empowered Monoliths Guide

Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch offer a heightened and more challenging experience compared to their normal counterparts. The key distinction lies in the starting corruption level, which is significantly higher in empowered versions. This higher corruption allows for infinite Corruption farming, providing players with the opportunity to acquire better drops and loot as they face increased challenges.


How to Empower Monoliths

To access Empowered Monoliths, players need to complete the normal versions of the timelines for The Age of Winter, The Last Ruin, and The Spirits of Fire. Successfully clearing these timelines unlocks the Empowered versions, setting the stage for a more demanding but rewarding Monolith experience.





Bosses within Empowered Monoliths boast exclusive uniques. These powerful items carry unique properties and can only be obtained by defeating the specific Empowered boss associated with them. Collecting these uniques adds a layer of rarity and customization to your character's gear, showcasing your prowess in overcoming the heightened challenges of Empowered Monoliths.


Grand Blessings

Empowered Monoliths provide amplified versions of normal Blessings called Grand Blessings. As you progress through empowered timelines, the Blessings you acquire will offer enhanced benefits, further augmenting your character's power. Strategically selecting and acquiring these Blessings is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness in the challenging Empowered Monoliths.


Special Echoes

Special Echoes in Last Epoch introduce unique challenges and mechanics, offering a diverse and dynamic experience within the Monolith of Fate. Each special echo brings its own set of obstacles and rewards, adding depth to your journey through the timelines.


Beacon Echo

The Beacon Echo presents a crucial objective for players to complete. Successfully reaching and interacting with the beacon within the designated time frame advances your progression in the timeline. Failure to reach the beacon in time results in a setback, emphasizing the importance of strategic movement and efficient gameplay.


Echo of the World

The Echo of the World has Echoes that triger Shade of Orobyss encounters. This will allow you to add additional Corruption. Once you have reached the designated Corruption threshold, defeating the Shade will actually reduce corruption.


Vessel of Chaos Echo

The Vessel of Chaos Echo introduces a unique and chaotic twist to your Monolith journey. This Echo rerolls all of the rewards from any of the unselected echoes that are available to you. This will swap the rewards and perhaps make the previous echoes more appealing.


Vessel of Memory Echo

The Vessel of Memory Echo is another rare Echo that presents a wonderful speedrunning opportunity. Once completed, it will reset all of the Echoes currently available, even if you had already completed the Echo. This means you will know exactly what to expect when you take on the Echo again, and you will be able to receive the same rewards--which can be extremely beneficial depending on the reward.



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