Monolith of Fate Guide for Last Epoch

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On this page you will find everything you need to know about the Monolith of Fate in Last Epoch. This will be one of the core endgame features in the game. This guide will help you to understand the basic systems of the Monolith, how to access it, and its mechanics so that you can begin your endgame adventures.


Introduction to the Monolith of Fate

The Monolith of Fate is a mystical realm in Last Epoch, offering players a unique and challenging endgame experience. Accessible after completing the campaign, the Monolith provides an ever-changing landscape of Timelines and Echoes, each presenting opportunities for quests, powerful rewards, and encounters with formidable bosses.

To gain access to the Monolith of Fate, players must first complete the campaign and reach the End of Time.


Timelines and Echoes



Timelines are the overarching structures within the Monolith of Fate. Each timeline represents a series of Echoes that players traverse, facing various challenges and objectives. Timelines serve as the foundation for your Monolith journey, determining the overall theme and difficulty of your progression.



Echoes are individual encounters or zones within a timeline. Each Echo presents a unique challenge, ranging from intense combat scenarios to specific objectives. Understanding the mechanics of Echoes is crucial for navigating the Monolith successfully.


Echo Modifiers

Echoes often come with modifiers that enhance the difficulty or alter the gameplay. Some potential Echo modifiers include increased monster damage, reduced player resistances, and additional hazards. Adapting to these modifiers is essential for overcoming the challenges presented by each Echo.


Possible Objectives

Objectives within Echoes are presented randomly, adding an element of unpredictability to your Monolith experience. Examples of possible objectives include defeating a certain number of enemies, protecting an NPC, or reaching a specific location within a time limit. Successfully completing objectives contributes to your overall progression in the Monolith.



Timelines in the Monolith always consist of three quests, each introducing unique challenges and objectives. These quests culminate in a final boss battle, testing your character's strength and strategic prowess. Successfully completing quests not only advances your progression in the Monolith but also unlocks valuable rewards.





Unique items are exclusive to certain bosses within the Monolith. These powerful items boast special properties and can only be obtained by defeating the specific boss associated with them. Collecting uniques adds a layer of rarity and customization to your character's gear.



Blessings are permanent character buffs acquired through the Monolith. These buffs can enhance your character's attributes, making you stronger, or improve specific loot drops, increasing the chances of obtaining valuable items. Strategically choosing and acquiring blessings is essential for optimizing your character's performance.



The Monolith of Fate features a mechanic called Corruption, adding an extra layer of challenge and reward to your progression. As you complete Echoes and quests, Corruption increases. The Shade of Orobyss represents the embodiment of corruption within the Monolith.

Corruption affects the overall difficulty of the Monolith. Increasing corruption levels result in more challenging Echoes, tougher enemies, and greater risks. However, higher corruption also yields increased experience gains and improves the quality of items that can drop, providing greater rewards for skilled and daring players.

The Shade of Orobyss is a manifestation of the corruption within the Monolith. As Corruption increases, the Shade becomes more powerful, introducing additional challenges and mechanics to the timelines. Engaging with the Shade of Orobyss is a test of your character's strength and adaptability, offering substantial rewards.

It's important to carefully manage and strategize your approach to corruption, balancing risk and reward to maximize the benefits of your Monolith experience.

In Regular Timelines, the maximum Corruption that can be reached is 50. The player must unlock Empowered Monolith to access higher Corruption.


Unlocking Empowered Monolith

Once you have completed the final three level 90 Monoliths, this will grant access to Empowered Monoliths. This is currently the true endgame for Last Epoch, allowing for infinite scaling and greater rewards. Find out more in our guide below.



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