Fall of the Outcasts Abomination Guide

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On this page you will find a comprehensive guide for the Abomination encounter, the end boss for the Monolith "Fall of the Outcasts". This page includes all boss mechanics, a list of of all the unique item drops, and a table that lists every Blessing that will drop upon completion of the fight.



The first monolith boss you will face in Last Epoch is known as Abomination. It possesses several noteworthy mechanics, some of which are more perilous than others. This comprehensive guide aims to assist you in recognizing these mechanics and navigating through the various phases of the boss fight.

During the initial phase, the Abomination is invulnerabile until the player successfully destroys the four Soul Vessels positioned in each corner of the map. As the player attempts to destroy these Vessels, the Abomination relentlessly pursues them, employing its entire repertoire of mechanics. Moreover, when a player is within range, the Vessels intermittently unleash a Necrotic line area of effect (AoE) attack, inflicting considerable Necrotic Damage.

Upon their destruction, the Vessels leave behind an expansive Necrotic pool that engulfs the corresponding quadrant of the lower level where the Vessels were initially situated. Subsequently, once all four Vessels have been eradicated, the pools extend to cover the entirety of the outside of the arena, with the exception of the central platform. This is where Phase 2 will be fought, going into these lingering Necrotic pools will bring a player to a swift death.


Boss Attacks

There are four major attacks the Abomination will use on the player, listed in the order found in the bestiary.


Tail Flare

The boss initiates a telegraphed circular AoE centered around its tail, followed by two linear AoEs. One line is directed towards the player, while the other is positioned behind the boss. All three attacks inflict Fire damage, with the circular attack causing moderate Hit damage and the linear attacks dealing lower Hit damage. However, the linear attacks also possess a 300% Ignite chance, which is accompanied by a 200% increased effect. This attack is clearly telegraphed, and should not pose a significant risk as long as the player avoids it.


Necrotic Wave

The boss unleashes a trio of Necrotic waves in a triangle like pattern with the peak of this triangle on the boss. This inflicts Necrotic Damage and potentially applies the Damned debuff, with a 50% probability upon impact. Once the waves reach their maximum range, they swiftly return to the boss, dealing increased damage and exhibiting a shotgun-like effect that allows for the possibility of being struck by multiple waves simultaneously. This, like the Tail Flare, is easily evaded by a player who is paying attention.



The Abomination unleashes a powerful tremor in a linear trajectory aimed at the player. Upon reaching the targeted location, which corresponds to the player's initial position when the skill was activated, it triggers an earthquake that inflicts a significant amount of Physical Damage. Additionally, when the Abomination's health drops below 90%, this attack also applies the debuff known as Spirit Decay, a Necrotic DoT.


Spirit Decay

Following the occurrence of an Earthquake, the boss (at 90% or less life) will initiate the summoning of four Necrotic clouds that deal DoT damage with a moderate area of effect. These clouds do more damage the longer they have existed. Although the DoTs are more bothersome than anything, it is highly recommended to evade any prolonged contact with them.


Soul Reave

This Necrotic attack executed by the boss involves a large cleaving region in front of him. It is important to note that this attack is not designed to immediately eliminate a player, but rather functions as a regular auto-attack employed by the boss.


Encounter Walkthrough

This boss has two specific phases, the following will break down the systematic approach to complete the phases and complete the encounter.


Phase 1

To initiate the boss encounter, make your way towards the central area and activate the boss, commencing the battle. Immediately proceed towards one of the Vessels and attempt to eliminate it swiftly. Avoid the large line attacks by the Vessel; the Abomination will pursue you and employ its own set of mechanics. If you find the situation to be excessively perilous, transition to another Vessel. A player should be able to outrun the boss, with even moderate Movement Speed.

As you successfully destroy the Vessels, Necrotic pools will manifest in each quadrant of the arena where the Vessel was positioned. To navigate between the Vessels while evading the Necrotic pools, adopt a systematic approach by progressing either in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. This methodical pattern ensures that you can effectively avoid the hazardous pools. Once all four Vessels have been eradicated, promptly make your way back to the central platform to start Phase 2. Until all vessels are destroyed, any attacks to the boss are useless.


Phase 2

The primary focus of this phase revolves around the ability to quickly recognize and anticipate predictable attacks listed above, evading them, and strategically utilizing offensive abilities during the intervals of evasion. Therse is no exceedingly difficult situations, so long as the player pays attention to the telegraphed attacks.


Unique Boss Specific Rewards

Woven Flesh Icon Woven Flesh and Ribbons of Blood Icon Ribbons of Blood are both common drops with a 50% chance of dropping. They are mutually exclusive, meaning you will only receive one of them, not both. These drops can occur in both Normal and Empowered versions, and their drop rates are not affected by Corruption.

Flayer's Pride Icon Flayer's Pride is not commonly obtained and is considered a rare drop. The likelihood of obtaining this item is affected by higher levels of Corruption. Although it is possible for it to drop from a non-empowered Abomination, the area level must be raised to a minimum of 65 in order to increase the chances of obtaining it. Players should farm for this item on Empowered difficulty for better results.

Strands of Souls Icon Strands of Souls is another rare drop, but it can only be found in Empowered difficulty. The drop rate of this item improves with higher levels of Corruption.


Monolith Blessings Available

Normal Monoliths Empowered Monoliths
Curse of Flesh Icon Curse of Flesh
Favor of Souls Icon Favor of Souls
Mark of Agony Icon Mark of Agony
Memory of the Living Icon Memory of the Living
Pride of Rebellion Icon Pride of Rebellion
Scales of Greed Icon Scales of Greed
Sight of the Outcasts Icon Sight of the Outcasts
Sign of Torment Icon Sign of Torment
Strength of Mind Icon Strength of Mind
Winds of Fortune Icon Winds of Fortune
Grand Curse of Flesh Icon Grand Curse of Flesh
Grand Favor of Souls Icon Grand Favor of Souls
Grand Mark of Agony Icon Grand Mark of Agony
Grand Memory of the Living Icon Grand Memory of the Living
Grand Pride of Rebellion Icon Grand Pride of Rebellion
Grand Scales of Greed Icon Grand Scales of Greed
Grand Sight of the Outcasts Icon Grand Sight of the Outcasts
Grand Sign of Torment Icon Grand Sign of Torment
Grand Strength of Mind Icon Grand Strength of Mind
Grand Winds of Fortune Icon Grand Winds of Fortune


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