Patch 1.1 Update

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This page covers all patch notes related to Patch 1.1, Harbingers of Ruin, for Last Epoch. All minor patches associated with 1.1 will be located towards the bottom of the page.

Harbingers of Ruin

Last Epoch Patch 1.1 - Harbingers of Ruin

As of July 5th, the long-awaited Patch Notes for Last Epoch build 1.1 have been released. Most notable changes would be the addition of a new system called Harbingers, which are essentially a post-boss fight to the already-existing boss encounters you'll find in Empowered Monoliths. These Harbingers act as a new system for endgame, and a way for players to acquire new Unique Items to create new builds. On the combat side of things, players of every Mastery will now have access to a new Evade skill which provides additional movement and can be used as a way to dodge mechanics when your other movement tools are on cooldown. Certain items may augment Evade as well.

One of the more exciting systems players can look forward to, and a personal favorite, is the Nemesis System. Similar to Rune Prisons from Patch 0.9.2, the Nemesis are mini-boss encounters you will find randomly while completing maps, both during the story and in the Monolith. These Nemesis enemies will drop incredibly powerful weapons and provide players a new way to enhance Unique Items. Previously, rare items were almost impossible to find with Legendary Potential. The Nemesis System aims to change that in new, exciting ways.

Additionally, here is a small overview of changes that players can expect to see when they boot up the game:

  • New Faction: The Forgotten Knights.
  • Changed Ward Retention scaling.
  • Boss enemies will now have Ward thresholds instead of damage reduction.
  • New ways to gain Echo Stability, decreasing the amount of time required to boost your character into high Corruption.
  • Blessings are now retained and can be swapped between freely.
  • Overall balance changes to Item Factions, Circle of Fortune and Merchant's Guild.
  • A plethora of balance changes, ranging from ailment buffs to complete skill node changes for existing skills.
  • Multiple implicit changes across many gear types.
  • Further polish on visual and sound effects across the entire game.

The full list of patch changes can be found on the Official Last Epoch Forums.

All future patch notes will be listed on this page going forward.



  • 05 Jul. 2024: Updated for Patch 1.1, Harbingers of Ruin.
  • 22 Mar. 2024: Updated for 1.0.4.
  • 19 Feb. 2024: Updated for Patch 1.0.
  • 03 Feb. 2024: Updated patch notes.
  • 17 Jan. 2024: Updated patch notes.
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