Official Launch Patch 1.0 Update

Last updated on Feb 19, 2024 at 01:00 by Lavender

This page covers all patch notes related to Patch 1.0, Echoes from the Void, for Last Epoch. All minor patches associated with 1.0 will be located towards the bottom of the page.


Last Epoch Patch 1.0 - Echoes from the Void

The time has finally arrived! Patch 1.0, the official release of Last Epoch, is upon us. The patch notes have been released early, and they come full of surprises. Two new, highly anticipated Masteries will be coming to Eterra, those being the Warlock and the Falconer. Guides and information pertaining to both of these new Masteries can be found using the links below.

That is far from all the official launch has in store. To summarize, here are some of the larger features players have to look forward to:
  • Item Factions: Merchant's Guild and Circle of Fortune
  • Two new skills for Shaman!
    • Tempest Strike Icon Tempest Strike (reworked) and Gathering Storm Icon Gathering Storm
  • One new skill for Paladin!
    • Healing Hands Icon Healing Hands (Passive Tree added)
  • New gear items, including base gear options and Uniques
  • New affixes
  • A graphical overhaul
  • New cosmetics
  • Loads of bug fixes

While we highlighted the most exciting changes, there is much more awaiting players on release. The full list of patch changes can be found on the Official Last Epoch Forums.

All future patch notes will be listed on this page going forward.



  • 19 Feb. 2024: Updated for Patch 1.0.
  • 03 Feb. 2024: Updated patch notes.
  • 17 Jan. 2024: Updated patch notes.
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