Passive Point System in Last Epoch

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On this page you will find everything you need to know about Passive Points in Last Epoch. Passive Points are the core of a build's functionality and enable a player's full offensive and defensive potential. This guide will help you to understand how passive points work and may be used.


Passive Points Guide

The passive system in Last Epoch is a vital aspect of character progression, allowing players to customize and enhance their characters in unique ways. Passive points are earned as characters level up, providing opportunities to unlock powerful bonuses and shape the playstyle of your character. Understanding how the passive system works is crucial for optimizing your character's capabilities.

Passive points are earned as characters level up, granting a point with each level gained. Characters can earn passive points up to max level, unlocking the full potential of their chosen class. These points serve as the currency for investing in various passive nodes, each offering different bonuses and enhancements to your character's abilities.

It's essential to strategize and allocate passive points wisely, tailoring your character to your preferred playstyle and optimizing their strengths.



The passive system is structured around different trees, each representing a distinct aspect of your character's growth. Understanding the nuances of these trees is key to making informed decisions about your character's development.


Base Tree

Each class has a base tree that forms the foundation of their passive progression. The base tree contains nodes that are accessible to all characters of a specific class. These nodes provide general bonuses and improvements, laying the groundwork for your character's specialization.

The base tree serves as a common ground for all characters of a particular class, offering essential bonuses that contribute to the class's identity. It differs from mastery trees in that it is universally accessible to all characters of the same class.



Masteries are additional passive trees that unlock as characters progress through the game. Some classes have two or three mastery trees, each offering a unique set of nodes and bonuses. Masteries represent specialized paths that characters can choose to enhance specific aspects of their playstyle.

Choosing a mastery is a significant decision as it permanently alters your character's progression options. Each mastery tree provides distinct bonuses and opens up new possibilities for customization, allowing you to tailor your character to your preferred role within the game.



Respecing passive points provides a way to adapt and refine your character's build as you progress through Last Epoch. Whether you want to experiment with different playstyles or optimize your character for specific challenges, the respec option allows for flexibility in character development.

If you wish to respec your passive points, you need to locate Chronomancer Lerinne.

Chronomancer Lerinne can be found by looking for this icon on your minimap. Simply look to see if there is an icon resembling a human head with a visible brain.

Respec Map Location

Once located, speak with her and select the option to Respecialize your mastery points. After this is done, you will be able to reallocate your points one at a time to your desired passive trees. You can do this instantly and do not need to relevel anything to have access to your points.

To learn more about how Respecing works for Passive Points, please refer to our Respecing Guide..



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