Should You Create a Character Under Standard or Cycle Game Mode?

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In Last Epoch, Seasons are known as Cycles: a system that allows the game to introduce new content and features, while providing a fresh start for veteran and new players alike. Cycles last for a few months, then end and start anew. In this guide, we will explain what Cycles are, what happens when they end, and how they are different from Standard (Legacy) realms.



Last Epoch is a "time-traveling" game that offers various systems and challenges. One of the most anticipated features of Last Epoch is the introduction of Cycles, which will add a new layer of challenge and variety to the game. Cycles are similar to what most players know as "Seasons" in other games. They will bring new content, mechanics, and rewards that will change the game every few months, creating a fresh start for players who are interested in participating.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Cycles and how they work.

Keep in mind, though, that we do not have all details about the new system yet, so this page will be updated with time.


What Are Cycles?

Cycles are the equivalent of seasons or leagues in other games. They will last for a few months (approximately 3 to 4 months), and then the game will switch to a new Cycle. Each Cycle will come with new additions, such as new mechanics, items, mastery updates, endgame systems, challenges, and rewards.

For example, the first Cycle might introduce new Dungeons in addition to the Monolith of Fate and the Arena, and add new leaderboards for players to compete.

Cycles will also reset the economy, so you can start new trades without affecting the standard game. Talking about trades: the system that allows players to trade between each other, is called the Bazaar. It is currently still under development, but we will update respective sections as soon as more info becomes available.

You can access Cycles from the main menu of Last Epoch, where you can choose to create a new character on the new Cycle or continue playing your existing character on the Legacy realm.


Legacy vs Cycle

Legacy, or Standard, is where your character will transfer to when a Cycle ends. You will still be able to access your existing characters there, on the Legacy realm. The game will also add most of the modifications and systems from new Cycles to the Legacy realm. This way, you can keep playing on your existing characters without missing out on the new mechanics and rewards. The only things you will not be able to access are the new leaderboards, and the exclusive rewards and achievements linked to them.

Players who participate in Cycles, will have to start a character from scratch and will have the opportunity to compete with other players who are playing in the same Cycle. Any reward linked to competing for a rank in the leaderboard will transfer with your character once the Cycle ends.

Cycles are designed to offer a fresh and exciting experience for players who want to try something new and different in Last Epoch, while also having the possibility to compete with others for exclusive rewards. They also provide a fresh start for everyone else, since you will begin from scratch and have to adapt to the new content together. This means that new players have the perfect opportunity to jump into the game and start anew, together with everyone else.

Cycles will also give you the opportunity to experiment with different builds and strategies, since the meta and class balance will most likely change with each Cycle.


Offline or Online Mode

You can choose to play in offline or online mode in each Cycle. Playing in offline mode will prevent you from playing with other people, as well as participating in any leaderboard, even when creating a new character on a new Cycle. You cannot change between offline and online modes once your character is created, so be careful during character creation. Playing in online mode will allow you to interact with other players, trade items, and place yourself on the leaderboards.


What Happens When a Cycle Ends?

When a Cycle ends, all your characters, items, and currency that were created or obtained in that Cycle, will transfer to the Legacy game mode, where they will merge with your existing characters, items, and currencies.

In the future, some things may not transfer. We will keep this section updated accordingly.

Once the Cycle ends, a new one will begin, with new content and mechanics that will offer a fresh and exciting experience for anyone who wants to participate. You can then choose to either continue playing your existing character on the Legacy realm, or create a new one on Cycle.



Cycles are an exciting, upcoming feature that will offer you a fresh and dynamic experience of the game. They will allow you to explore new content, experiment with new builds, and compete with others on the Leaderboards or for exclusive rewards. Cycles will also give you the option to play in offline or online mode, or Legacy or Cycle, depending on your preferences and possibilities. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer, this new system will provide you with a new challenge and a new opportunity to enjoy Last Epoch!



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