WotLK Classic Assassination Rogue Spell Summary

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On this page, we present you with all spells and procs that you need to understand as a Assassination Rogue in WotLK Classic.


Combo Point Generators

Assassination uses Mutilate IconMutilate as its main generator, a talent obtained in the Assassination tree. It requires you to have a dagger in both hands and is one of the highest Energy cost abilities you have.

Assassination also has access to Backstab IconBackstab, Sinister Strike IconSinister Strike, and Ambush IconAmbush, but rarely uses them.


Combo Point Spenders

The main spenders for Assassination are Envenom IconEnvenom, which is used most often, and Slice and Dice IconSlice and Dice.

Envenom IconEnvenom consumes your Poison stacks and deals damage to an enemy, but Assassination has the talent Master Poisoner IconMaster Poisoner, which takes away this downside to it, no longer consuming your stacks.

Slice and Dice IconSlice and Dice increases your attack speed and has the highest damage increase of all spenders, but is automatically refreshed as an Assassination Rogue, making it a fairly rarely used one beyond your opener.

Expose Armor IconExpose Armor reduces the Armor of the target by 20%, but is generally not used by Rogues if there is a Warrior in the group, as they can apply Sunder Armor IconSunder Armor.

Rupture IconRupture is sometimes used as Assassination if there is nobody else applying bleed effects to proc your Hunger For Blood IconHunger For Blood.

Kidney Shot IconKidney Shot, Deadly Throw IconDeadly Throw, and Eviscerate IconEviscerate are very rarely used in PvE as Assassination.


Stealth Abilities

Cheap Shot IconCheap Shot, which stuns your enemy for a short period, and Garrote IconGarrote, which places a bleed on the enemy and silences them, are rarely used in PvE as Assassination.

Sap IconSap can be useful to help control adds before a pull or deal with particularly dangerous trash pulls by incapacitating an enemy for up to 45 seconds.


Damage Cooldowns

The only real cooldown available to Assassination is Cold Blood IconCold Blood, a talent that increases the damage of your next ability by giving it 100% Critical Strike chance. This ability should optimally used with Envenom IconEnvenom.


Utility and Defensives

Rogues have a number of abilities available to them that not only help the raid or group in some way, but also personally grant them immunity to both mechanics and damage at times.

Tricks of the Trade IconTricks of the Trade is a massively important buff for Rogues, granting an ally a damage increase, as well as more threat over its duration, which allows other DPS to fully use their openers without worrying about pulling threat.

Cloak of Shadows IconCloak of Shadows removes all negative spell effects, as well as granting you an extremely high chance to resist incoming spells for its duration. It can be extremely powerful in completely avoiding certain mechanics on fights.

Evasion IconEvasion grants the Rogue a much higher chance to dodge incoming Physical attacks, as well as reducing the chance ranged attacks will hit them.

Vanish IconVanish allows the Rogue to quickly go back into Stealth IconStealth while in combat, which would trigger Overkill IconOverkill as Assassination.

Distract IconDistract makes PvE enemies stand still for up to 10 seconds, allowing you to stall patrols and let your raid or group through tight spots and skips.

Kick IconKick interrupts the current spell being cast and locks the user out of that school for a period of time.

Sprint IconSprint greatly increases your movement speed for a period of time.

Shiv IconShiv and Gouge IconGouge are rarely used in PvE.



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