Destruction Warlock Leveling Guide From 1 to 80 for WotLK Classic

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On this page, you will find our Level by Level Destruction Warlock leveling guide for WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

For more general leveling information, please refer to our Warlock leveling guide. We also have a Affliction Warlock leveling guide and a Demonology Warlock leveling guide.


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Level: 70

Leveling Talent Tree and Build for Destruction Warlock

Below is an overall build that works for both questing in the open world and doing dungeons. It focuses on applying Immolate IconImmolate to as many targets as you can, then blowing up an enemy with Conflagrate IconConflagrate, Incinerate IconIncinerate and Chaos Bolt IconChaos Bolt.


Leveling Rotation

Where Affliction relies on DoT's and self heals, and Demonology focuses on thier Demons, Destruction is about obliterating their target with strong fire spells like Incinerate IconIncinerate, Conflagrate IconConflagrate and Chaos Bolt IconChaos Bolt, while keeping up Immolate IconImmolate on your targets. Your fire spells do a ton of damage thanks to the many talents buffing them, like Emberstorm IconEmberstorm, Fire and Brimstone IconFire and Brimstone, Shadow and Flame IconShadow and Flame, Aftermath IconAftermath and Improved Immolate IconImproved Immolate.

Destruction doesn't benefit much from pulling a lot of mobs like the other two specs. Rather, it's better to just kill one target at a time. You want to apply Immolate IconImmolate to your target followed by Conflagrate IconConflagrate, Chaos Bolt IconChaos Bolt and Incinerate IconIncinerate until your target dies. Corruption IconCorruption is not worth being used often while leveling. Destruction Warlock focuses on talents buffing our fire spells, so you're better off using them instead. Shadowfury IconShadowfury can come in handy as it's now instant cast. Use this to help stun enemies when they get close to you.


AoE Leveling Rotation as Destruction

Warlocks have one of the best AoE spells in the game with Seed of Corruption IconSeed of Corruption. Destruction also gets an AoE spell called Shadowfury IconShadowfury, which is an instant cast spell that does great damage and also stuns everything it hits. The ideal AoE rotation is to Immolate IconImmolate enemies to gather them up to you, followed up with Shadowfury, then cast a couple Seed of Corruption IconSeed of Corruption.

If you are in a dungeon, apply Immolate IconImmolate while the tank gathers the mobs and allow them to generate threat. Spam Seed of Corruption IconSeed of Corruption while tossing in a Shadowfury IconShadowfury to help stun the mobs.


Pets for Leveling as Destruction

As Destruction, your Demon of choice is the Imp. Destruction has many talents that buff the Imps fire damage as well as talents like Empowered Imp IconEmpowered Imp, Improved Imp IconImproved Imp, Demonic Power IconDemonic Power, and Glyph of Imp Icon Glyph of Imp.


List of Trainer Skills to Buy

Warlocks have a ton of spells and Demon Grimoires to buy. It can become daunting to think about which ones are worth buying. To keep it simple, you want to buy all ranks of spells that you find yourself using out in the open world. You can skip a bunch of spells if you want to save gold and make it less confusing. Some spells that you can skip training until level 80 are listed below in order of which they become available on your trainer.


Warlock Macros and Addons

Setting up a user interface and macros early on you will greatly improve the quality of your leveling experience. Check out the Warlock Macros and Addons guides in the links below for the full list.


How to Continue to Improve Your Destruction Warlock at Level 80

Once you achieve Level 80, we suggest checking out our Destruction Warlock Guide, which goes more in detail of how to play your Level 80 Warlock.



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