Warlock Class Overview

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Warlocks use demonic power to summon minions to fight alongside them, casting dark magic infused with fel, fire, and shadow.

Warlocks receive one of the most iconic spells of the game with the new Demonology talent, Metamorphosis IconMetamorphosis. They perform well throughout the expansion, with at least one specialisation always being near the top of the meters in every tier.


Playable Races for Warlocks in Wrath Classic

Warlocks can be played as Human and Gnome on Alliance and Orcs, Undead, and Blood Elves on Horde.


What is the best race for Warlocks?

The best race for Warlock is Human, if you are Alliance, and Orc, if you are Horde.

For Alliance players, Human grants you an excellent PvP racial in the form of Will to Survive, as well as additional spell power via Fel Armor IconFel Armor, Glyph of Life Tap Icon Glyph of Life Tap, and the bonus spirit Humans gain from The Human Spirit IconThe Human Spirit.

For the Horde, Command IconCommand and Blood Fury IconBlood Fury are both very strong for a Warlock, making Orc by far the best choice.


Are Warlocks good in Wrath Classic?

All three Warlock specs are completely viable in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Affliction Warlock is arguable the best spec in the game and Destruction Warlock is right behind it in terms of damage. Every single Raid will want atleast one Demonology Warlock as it brings a very powerful Raid buff in Demonic Pact IconDemonic Pact.

Affliction brings excellent single-target damage and cleave, but suffers hugely on fights where it cannot ramp up its damage. This is where Destruction excels more, with strong and steady burst. Demonology Warlock won't do as much damage as its two counter specs, but it still has amazing damage, especially with AoE, thanks to Metamorphosis IconMetamorphosis as well as bringing the highly sought-after buff, Demonic Pact IconDemonic Pact.


What is the best spec for PvE Warlocks in Wrath Classic?

Affliction Warlock is the strongest specialisation for Warlocks in Phase 3, with exceptional single-target and cleave damage, with Destruction Warlock pulling up right behind it. Raids will ALWAYS want to have at least one Demonology Warlock for the Demonic Pact buff.


Warlock Specializations

Warlocks are able to choose from 3 specializations: Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction.

  • Affliction — this specialization revolves around the use of damage-over-time effects and the upkeep of each debuff.
  • Demonology — this focuses on buffing the demons summoned by the Warlock, as well as allowing you to turn into demon form yourself.
  • Destruction — this specialisation is, as the name suggests, focused on pure destructive power, with an arsenal of fire-focused spells centered around fast casts and big crits.

Gearing a Warlock



Warlocks are only able to wear Cloth.



Warlocks are able to use one-handed swords, daggers, and wands, as well as staves.


Warlock Addons and Macros

Addons and Macros are a solid way to help improve your gameplay and experience throughout Wrath Classic, whether it be while leveling, doing dailies, Dungeons, or raiding. Both of the pages below provide information and recommendations on some of the best addons you can use.

Warlock Addons Guide COMING SOON! Warlock Macros Guide COMING SOON!

Warlock Guides for Wrath Classic

For those of you wishing to level a Warlock to Level 80, you can check out our spec-specific leveling guides below.

If you already hit Level 80 on your Warlock, you can check out the full guides, with Phase 1-specific advice for endgame PvE activities.



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