WotLK Classic Guide to Warlock's Best Macros

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Welcome to our Macros guide for Warlock where you will find out what the best macros are for your Warlock in WotLK Classic.



The macros on this page are broken down into general Warlock macros and macros intended for the specific specializations.


Macros for Warlocks in Wrath of the Lich King Classic


General Macros


Focus DoT Cast

  • #showtooltip Corruption
  • /cast [@focus,mod:alt][@mouseover,mod:ctrl][@target] Corruption

This macro allows you to cast any spell you wish to insert into the macro without having to change your target. If you press the ALT key and the keybind, you will cast it on your focus, and if you use the CTRL key, you will cast it on the target you are currently mousing over with your cursor.


Channeled Spells No Cancel

  • #showtooltip Drain Soul
  • /cast [nochanneling:Drain Soul] Drain Soul

This macro lets you cast channeled spells without cancelling them by mistake. It can be done with any channeled spell you wish.


Clearing Soul Shards

  • /cast Drain Soul
  • /run i="Soul Shard"d=GetItemCount(i)-20 for x=0,4 do for y=1,GetContainerNumSlots(x)do if(d>0)then l=GetContainerItemLink(x,y)if l and GetItemInfo(l)==i then PickupContainerItem(x,y)DeleteCursorItem()d=d-1 end end end end

This macro will remove any Soul Shards in excess of 20 shards, but you can adjust the number left over by changing the "20" in the macro.


Warlock Addons

While macros can certainly be helpful in improving your gameplay, their scope is fairly limited when compared to addons. You can learn more about what is possible with addons on our dedicated page below.



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