Warlock Leveling Guide From 1 to 80 for WotLK Classic

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In this article, we will help you with leveling in Wrath Classic as a Warlock. Warlocks excel in different areas depending on the spec they choose, with Demonology Warlock thriving in AoE farming groups, while Affliction Warlock excels in solo leveling.

This page contains all of our leveling guides for Warlocks, with links to each specialization's guide.


Leveling in Wrath of the Lich King

While it is important to understand your class and specialization while leveling, it can be massively helpful to have a general understanding of how leveling works in Wrath, as well as any tips that you can use to speed up the process. Our General Leveling guide covers all of this and more and you can read through it below.


Wrath of the Lich King Warlock Leveling Talents and Specializations

Warlocks have three talent trees to choose from, each focusing on using different tactics in the battlefield. Those talent trees are Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction.

Affliction is, in comparison to the other 2 specializations, the strongest of the 3 in regards to solo leveling, especially if you consider the entire 1-80 journey. It has excellent damage, sustain, and overall utility for leveling.

Demonology has the benefit of having the strongest pet of the 3 specializations with the Felguard, meaning it is also the least gear dependent. If you follow the Demonology tree down to Metamorphosis IconMetamorphosis, you can also have a massively potent AoE and burst cooldown, which works well in Dungeon leveling.

Destruction is the weakest of the 3 specializations, as it excels in single-target damage and, even then, it still has lower damage than Affliction.


Fastest Leveling Specialization for Warlocks in WotLK Classic

The fastest specialization for leveling is Affliction or Demonology, depending on the style of leveling you want to go through.

Affliction excels in solo leveling, while Demonology is far stronger in party groups that are spamming Dungeons.


General Leveling Tips for Warlocks

There are a number of small tips you should pay attention to when leveling as a Warlock, as they can help you massively to smooth out the process.

  • First Aid is always helpful, given that Warlocks often lack HP due to the constant use of Life Tap IconLife Tap.
  • Do not forget to grab new grimoires for your demons.

Professions for Leveling as a Warlock

While you can take Engineering and Tailoring for the ultimate leveling speed increase, due to Lightweave Embroidery IconLightweave Embroidery and the Engineering enchants, such as Nitro Boosts Icon Nitro Boosts, it is generally not worth it.

You will need a massive amount of gold at max level, especially if you are on a fresh realm, and you will likely be better served taking a double gathering setup, such as Skinning and Mining or Mining and Herbalism (the ideal choice will depend on your realm), allowing you to get a decent base of gold before reaching Level 80.


Consumables for Leveling as a Warlock

You should look to have a supply of healing potions and bandages ready.

To fully optimize, you can also bring damage consumables to help bolster your output and ensure you can defeat mobs as fast as possible, such as Flask of Supreme Power Icon Flask of Supreme Power.



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