Elemental Shaman Pre-Patch Guide for WotLK Classic

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The Pre-Patch period of Wrath of the Lich King Classic is a time to allow players to level or gear up characters while experiencing some of the class changes of the coming expansion before its official launch. Here you will find recommended talents, gear, and some rotation tips for a Elemental Shaman when you can only reach a maximum level of 70.


Elemental Shaman Overview

Elemental Shamans are very strong in the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch, even without having access to their iconic new spell, Lava Burst IconLava Burst yet.

While less Shamans are needed per raid due to Bloodlust IconBloodlust and buff totems such as Wrath of Air Totem IconWrath of Air Totem being raid-wide in Wrath, these two in particular are still unique Shaman buffs, and Totem of Wrath IconTotem of Wrath is still one of the best caster buffs, only surpassed by a well-geared Demonology Warlock with Demonic Pact IconDemonic Pact.

This page will go over pre-patch talents, rotation, gear, and consumables for Elemental Shaman, allowing you to quickly get up to date with your character while waiting for Wrath to officially start!


Talent Build for Elemental Shamans

This talent tree is focused on dealing maximum damage while maintaining enough Mana to cast Chain Lightning IconChain Lightning on cooldown until the end of the fight.

Lava Burst IconLava Burst talents are avoided, as you can only learn the spell after the pre-patch, at Level 75.



Glyphs enhance or change class specific abilities, and you can have up to two major glyphs and three minor glyphs at Level 70, with a third major glyph being unlocked at Level 80.

Many glyphs will only be available after Wrath launches, so in the pre-patch Elemental will be using Glyph of Lightning Bolt Icon Glyph of Lightning Bolt and Glyph of Totem of Wrath Icon Glyph of Totem of Wrath as major glyphs. For minor glyphs, Glyph of Water Walking Icon Glyph of Water Walking, Glyph of Water Shield Icon Glyph of Water Shield and Glyph of Renewed Life Icon Glyph of Renewed Life are nice quality of life options.


Stat Priority for Elemental Shamans

  1. 17% Hit before talents / Draenei to cap;
  2. Spell Power;
  3. Haste;
  4. Critical Strike;
  5. Intellect;
  6. Mp5.

Rotation for Elemental Shamans

We will be presenting the skill rotation of an Elemental Shaman as a priority list, which means you should try to use the ability at the top of the list first for maximum DPS.


Weapon Imbues

As Elemental, you should always use Flametongue Weapon IconFlametongue Weapon on your weapon.


Single-Target Rotation for Elemental Shamans

The single largest difference between playing Elemental at 70 and 80 is the lack of Lava Burst IconLava Burst, which is a new spell to fit into your rotation.

  1. Place down your totems with Call of the Elements IconCall of the Elements (party-dependent but generally will include at least Totem of Wrath IconTotem of Wrath);
  2. Elemental Mastery IconElemental Mastery when available if you will be able to cast uninterrupted for its duration;
  3. Chain Lightning IconChain Lightning;
  4. Lightning Bolt IconLightning Bolt;
  5. Flame Shock IconFlame Shock (if the target will not die in its duration) or Earth Shock IconEarth Shock when movement is required.

Multi-Target Rotation for Elemental Shamans

Besides regular Chain Lightning IconChain Lightnings, most of your area damage will come from Magma Totem IconMagma Totem and Fire Nova IconFire Nova, which creates an explosion coming from your active Fire Totem, thus you will want to be close to the enemies you are hitting in order to be able to refresh Magma nearby whenever it expires.

  1. Magma Totem IconMagma Totem;
  2. Fire Nova IconFire Nova;
  3. Elemental Mastery IconElemental Mastery when available if you will be able to cast uninterrupted for its duration;
  4. Chain Lightning IconChain Lightning;
  5. Lightning Bolt IconLightning Bolt;
  6. Flame Shock IconFlame Shock (if the target will not die in its duration) or Earth Shock IconEarth Shock when movement is required.

Gear for Elemental Shamans

Most TBC Phase 5 gear in the guide linked below is still excellent, but you will want to value Hit gear much more than you did in the past due to the cap going from 16% to 17%, Totem of Wrath IconTotem of Wrath losing its 3% Hit bonus, Elemental Precision IconElemental Precision going from 6% Hit to 3% Hit when maxed, and the Nature's Guidance talent being removed alongside its 3% Hit bonus, for a total of 9% Hit loss from talents relative to TBCC. This loss is partially compensated by the new 3% Spell Hit raid debuff brought by Boomkins or Shadow Priests, but is still a huge Hit loss, overall.



Enchants mostly stay the same in the pre-patch but Enchant Boots - Surefooted IconEnchant Boots - Surefooted deserves a special mention as it goes from a niche melee enchant to the best general DPS enchant, giving 10 Crit and Hit rating.


Consumables for Elemental Shamans

Flask of Blinding Light Icon Flask of Blinding Light is the recommended flask for Elemental Shaman. Eat Spicy Hot Talbuk Icon Spicy Hot Talbuk (if not hit capped) or one of Blackened Basilisk Icon Blackened Basilisk, Poached Bluefish Icon Poached Bluefish, and Crunchy Serpent Icon Crunchy Serpent otherwise.

Weapon oils are no longer used in the pre-patch: you should be using Flametongue Weapon IconFlametongue Weapon, instead.

Haste Potion Icon Haste Potion is the best DPS potion, although you can also use Super Mana Potion Icon Super Mana Potion if you have Mana issues. You can no longer use two potions during combat, but you can use one just before entering combat, which will allow you to use another mid-fight if the encounter is long enough.



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