Beast Mastery Hunter Pre-Patch Guide for WotLK Classic

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The Pre-Patch period of Wrath of the Lich King Classic is a time to allow players to level or gear up characters while experiencing some of the class changes of the coming expansion before its official launch. Here you will find recommended talents, gear, and some rotation tips for a Beast Mastery Hunter when you can only reach a maximum level of 70.



Beast Mastery Hunter had an amazing run as being one of the most dominant DPS specializations in the game throughout TBC. Unfortunately, that time has come to an end. For the entirety of Wrath, Beast Mastery will simply be a worse choice when it comes to DPS compared to Marksmanship and Survival. This is not to say that Beast Mastery is not viable, just that you are going to be playing a spec with less DPS potential, even when played optimally. While the ups and down may get a bit more complicated for Level 80 content, below we talk about all that you can expect in the month of pre-patch content while still Level 70.


Talent Build

This is the basic PvE talent tree that we recommend while playing Beast Mastery Hunter in the pre-patch. At Level 70, you do not have many extra points to work with. Most of your choices for points come earlier in the tree with a couple of utility options. With your final points, Careful Aim IconCareful Aim is almost certainly your best use of points, but you can experiment around with these points especially if you are not quite as geared.


Stat Priority

  1. Hit to cap;
  2. Attack Power;
  3. Agility;
  4. Armor Penetration;
  5. Critical Strike;
  6. Haste;


The major ability that you are missing at Level 70 from what you would have at 80 is Kill Shot IconKill Shot, which you do not learn until 71. This is unfortunate, as Kill Shot is your strongest hitting attack by far on single-target, and an incredible execute button. However, the rest of your rotation is basically the same as it was in The Burning Crusade.



Hunter AoE revolves entirely around two buttons: Explosive Trap IconExplosive Trap and Volley IconVolley. Volley is significantly more powerful in Wrath than in TBC, and actually makes Hunter AoE some of the strongest in the game. Properly setting up an Explosive Trap into Volley spam on an AoE pack will do absolutely incredible damage that very few other classes can even hope to compete with.


Single-Target DPS

Beast Mastery Hunter single-target operates on a simple priority system. Apart from keeping up the necessary Aspect of the Hawk IconAspect of the Hawk and Hunter's Mark IconHunter's Mark, you just need to follow the priority below, basically using your shots on cooldown and filling with Steady Shot IconSteady Shot when you can.

  1. Kill Command IconKill Command;
  2. Maintain Serpent Sting IconSerpent Sting;
  3. Multi-Shot IconMulti-Shot;
  4. Arcane Shot IconArcane Shot;
  5. Steady Shot IconSteady Shot as your filler.

Unlike for other Hunter specs, Arcane Shot IconArcane Shot is always worth using regardless of gear level. This is because of how it interacts with certain talents, such as Cobra Strikes IconCobra Strikes.


Early Upgrades

Listed below will be a list of some items that are very powerful and require a relatively low time investment to get to help you get a bit more powerful during the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch as you prepare to head to Northrend and continue your journey through WoW classic. The list below is for the best possible gear you can get to prepare for the launch of Wrath.

Especially for newer players or if you are playing on one of the Fresh Servers, the gear listed below is not realistic to obtain for most players in only a month. If you want the most efficient start possible, we would highly recommend farming Honor in the pre-patch through battlegrounds. This will allow you to buy the full "Brutal" PvP set, which is close in power to gear from Sunwell Plateau. While not BiS, it is the closest you will get within the short time frame, and you are guaranteed to obtain it with enough farming.

Slot Item Gems Source
Melee Weapon
Ranged Weapon


Spicy Hot Talbuk Icon Spicy Hot Talbuk is your best well-fed buff if you are not Hit-capped or Grilled Mudfish Icon Grilled Mudfish if you are Hit-capped, as your goal is to maximize your Agility.

Flask of Relentless Assault Icon Flask of Relentless Assault is your typical go-to against most mobs. The exception to this is when fighting Demons the Elixir of Demonslaying Icon Elixir of Demonslaying by itself is stronger than any flask and can be paired with a Guardian Elixir of your choosing.

Haste Potion Icon Haste Potion is your best offensive potion.



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