WotLK Classic Leatherworking Profession and Leveling 1-450 Guide

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Leatherworking offers many different gear options throughout all Phases of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. In addition to gear, it is a great raiding profession for the various party and raid-wide drum buffs it can offer. In this guide, we will show you all the different gear available to Leatherworkers, how to train the profession, unlock its different specializations, and many other things.



Leatherworking is most commonly used by both Leather and Mail wearers as the gear crafted through it is very strong, especially in the early gearing process. In addition to the gear that players can make, Leatherworking offers other unique benefits and buffs, further enhancing your capabilities in raids.

Leatherworking is best combined with Skinning, as this will allow you to farm many of the needed materials yourself. It is highly recommended to have Skinning when increasing your Leatherworking skill level, even if it is on an alt character. It takes a rather large quantity of leather to finish this profession off, so being able to farm some of it can greatly help with reducing your gold spent on the auction house.


Training Leatherworking in Wrath of the Lich King


Apprentice & Artisan

You can learn Leatherworking from any Leatherworking trainer, which are found in capital cities. When you arrive at a major city, you can ask any city guard for directions and pick the Leatherworking trainer option under the professions section. This will mark its location on your map, allowing you to easily find them and get the Leatherworking skill.



To train past 300 skill level, you need to speak with a Master Leatherworking trainer in either Outland or Northrend. This will allow you to train up to level 375 Leatherworking.


Grand Master

To learn Leatherworking past 375 skill level you must travel to Northrend and talk with a Grand Master Leatherworking trainer found below. This will allow you to max your Leatherworking skill out at 450.








Estimated Leatherworking Materials Needed in Wrath of the Lich King

Below is a "quick shopping list" of materials needed to level Leatherworking up. This list is just an estimation, not an exact amount. Depending on your luck when crafting you may need more or less materials than are listed here.


Vanilla & TBC




Leveling Leatherworking in Azeroth (1-300)

Skill Level Item to Craft Materials
1-45 Light Armor Kit Icon Light Armor Kit 1 x Light Leather Icon Light Leather
45-55 Cured Light Hide Icon Cured Light Hide
55-85 Embossed Leather Gloves Icon Embossed Leather Gloves
85-100 Fine Leather Belt Icon Fine Leather Belt
100-120 Cured Medium Hide Icon Cured Medium Hide
120-125 Fine Leather Belt Icon Fine Leather Belt
125-150 Dark Leather Belt Icon Dark Leather Belt
150-160 Cured Heavy Hide Icon Cured Heavy Hide
160-180 Heavy Armor Kit Icon Heavy Armor Kit
180-190 Barbaric Shoulders Icon Barbaric Shoulders
190-200 Dusky Bracers Icon Dusky Bracers
200-205 Thick Armor Kit Icon Thick Armor Kit
205-230 Nightscape Headband Icon Nightscape Headband
230-250 Nightscape Pants Icon Nightscape Pants
250-265 Rugged Armor Kit Icon Rugged Armor Kit 5 x Rugged Leather Icon Rugged Leather
265-285 Wicked Leather Bracers Icon Wicked Leather Bracers
285-300 Wicked Leather Headband Icon Wicked Leather Headband

Leveling Leatherworking in Outland (300-375)

Skill Level Item to Craft Materials
300-310 Knothide Leather Icon Knothide Leather 5 x Knothide Leather Scraps Icon Knothide Leather Scraps
310-325 Knothide Armor Kit Icon Knothide Armor Kit 4 x Knothide Leather Icon Knothide Leather
325-335 Heavy Knothide Leather Icon Heavy Knothide Leather 5 x Knothide Leather Icon Knothide Leather
335-350 Thick Draenic Vest Icon Thick Draenic Vest
350-365 Heavy Knothide Armor Kit Icon Heavy Knothide Armor Kit 3 x Heavy Knothide Leather Icon Heavy Knothide Leather

Note that skill-ups 350-365 are optional and can be skipped if Northrend leather is cheaper. If you have extra leather from Outland or find this leather is cheaper on your server, go all the way to 365 skill level with Heavy Knothide Armor Kit Icon Heavy Knothide Armor Kits before heading to Northrend. Glove Reinforcements IconGlove Reinforcements is also an alternative, more expensive choice, but you will be able to sell the item and make some of the cost back.


Leveling Leatherworking in Northrend (350-450)

Be sure to head to a Grand Master Leatherworking trainer in Northrend as shown above to unlock Grand Master Leatherworking, allowing you to max out your Leatherworking at 450 skill level.

Skill Level Item to Craft Materials
350-375 Borean Leather Icon Borean Leather 5 x Borean Leather Scraps Icon Borean Leather Scraps
375-380 Borean Armor Kit Icon Borean Armor Kit 4 x Borean Leather Icon Borean Leather
380-385 Arctic Boots Icon Arctic Boots 8 x Borean Leather Icon Borean Leather
385-390 Arctic Belt Icon Arctic Belt 10 x Borean Leather Icon Borean Leather
390-405 Heavy Borean Leather Icon Heavy Borean Leather 6 x Borean Leather Icon Borean Leather
405-410 Arctic Wristguards Icon Arctic Wristguards 12 x Borean Leather Icon Borean Leather
410-420 Dark Frostscale Leggings Icon Dark Frostscale Leggings
420-425 Eviscerator's Bindings Icon Eviscerator's Bindings
425-440 Frosthide Leg Armor Icon Frosthide Leg Armor (note)
425-440 Icescale Leg Armor Icon Icescale Leg Armor (note)
440-450 note N/A

Additional Crafting Notes

The following information is here to provide further context to the guidance given in the table above:

  • 425-440 — You will want to make a mixture of these depending on material cost and selling price. These will remain Green until 445, so you can choose to continue to make these until you reach level 445.
  • 440-450 — You will want to make any of the end-game Epic patterns at this point until you reach skill level 450. We recommended that you try to craft these for friends, guild members and through trade chat for free to greatly reduce the amount of gold you need to spend on leveling your Leatherworking.
    • Out of all of the available Epics, the most likely to be crafted and sell are the cloaks. Both Ice Striker's Cloak Icon Ice Striker's Cloak and Durable Nerubhide Cape Icon Durable Nerubhide Cape are good options that will sell easily, and plenty of people will want you to make them.

Leatherworking Specializations in Wrath of the Lich King

While Leatherworking specializations still exist in WotLK, they are made irrelevant and are no longer needed.


Leatherworking Profession Bonus in Wrath of the Lich King

Leatherworking offers the ability to craft some great end-game gear as well as powerful bracer enchants. These enchants will be lost if you get rid of Leatherworking.


Leatherworking Resistance Enchants


Wrath of the Lich King Phase 4 Leatherworking Patterns

With Phaes 4 comes the new raid Icecrown Citadel, which hosts the new faction, Ashen Verdict. This new faction has multiple, new patterns, including 8 new patterns for Leatherworkers to learn. These patterns are:






Other Professions

Leatherworking is just one of the many professions you may choose to level in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. To learn more about the other options available, we recommend checking out our overviews of all professions and their unique bonuses below.



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