WotLK Classic Profession Bonuses

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Welcome to our Wrath of the Lich King profession bonuses guide. On this page you will find out the specific benefits of each profession in Wrath of the Lich King, helping you decide what is best for your character.

All professions in Wrath of the Lich King give your character a boost in stats. Some of these bonuses are more useful than others, while some are better for specific classes. Use this list to see the benefits of each profession to help you decide which to choose.



Alchemy gains a unique buff, Mixology IconMixology. This improves your flask and elixir stats and duration. Alchemy also offers Flask of the North Icon Flask of the North, a flask with unlimited uses but offering less stats than a normal flask.

Mixology IconMixology Flask Increases



Blacksmithing lets you to add an additional gem socket to your bracers and gloves, allowing you to use 2 more gems in your gear. These additional sockets are even better if using Epic quality gems.



Enchanters can enchant their own rings in WotLK, but not others. These bonuses are lost if you get rid of Enchanting.



Engineering has many unique enchants, gadgets, and gizmos that improve your character in more ways that just raw stats. These gadgets are lost if you get rid of Engineering. In addition to the enchants below, Engineers can craft a handful of trinkets, helmets, and explosives to further improve their characters, making Engineering a powerful profession choice.

Engineering Exclusive Gadgets

Engineering Explosives



Unlike other professions, Herbalism does not offer a stat increase or useful in-combat spell to use.

  • Lifeblood IconLifeblood — Heals 3,600 over 5 seconds. The amount healed will slightly increase based on your maximum health.


Inscription offers unique shoulder enchants that are better than the regular enchants players get from The Sons of Hodir. These enchants will be lost if you get rid of Inscription.



Jewelcrafting grants you access to unique, Jewelcrafting-only gems. These gems are much more powerful than any other gems available; they are, however, limited to the use of 3 equipped at a time. Jewelcrafting also offers some powerful early-game trinkets that may be useful as you begin gearing up.



Leatherworking offers the ability to craft some great end-game gear as well as powerful bracer enchants. These enchants will be lost if you get rid of Leatherworking.

Leatherworking Resistance Enchants



Mining only offers a Stamina bonus, making it a bad choice for anyone besides tanks.



Skinning only offers a Critical Strike bonus, limiting its viability as other professions are less restrictive.



Tailoring offers the ability to craft some great end-game gear, as well as some powerful, unique cloak enchants. These cloak enchants have an amount of randomness to them as they are procs instead of passive stat increases. These enchants will be lost if you get rid of Tailoring.



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