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Cho Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Last updated on Nov 16, 2015 at 03:30 by Oxygen 17 comments

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General Information

On this page, you will learn how to optimally play Cho in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. Everything you need to know is explained, from general gameplay to specific tips and tricks.

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About the Author

Oxygen is a veteran of the MOBA genre, which he has been playing for nearly 15 years. He has coached some of Heroes of the Storm's most prominent North American players and teams alike, including Team Liquid. As a Master player, he enjoys playing all Heroes and roles.

1. Remark

Given the highly unusual nature of Cho'gall, this section of the guide has been exceptionally written with both Cho and Gall in mind.

2. General Cho'gall Gameplay

Cho'gall's frontline role throughout all stages of the game is to:

  • pressure lanes with overwhelming pushing potential to force a response;
  • deal large amounts of area of effect damage to strain enemy healers;
  • initiate team fights with Upheaval Icon Upheaval (if Hammer of Twilight Icon Hammer of Twilight was not chosen);
  • efficiently claim Mercenary Camps when appropriate.

Although it could be fair to deem Cho'gall an extremely independent Hero in terms of self-reliance and overall ability to pressure lanes, one must consier that Cho'gall takes up the space of two players on any given team. This means that whenever a decision is made — from simply rotating to taking out Mercenary camps — both Cho'gall players must ask themselves if the time investment is truly worth it. In general, unless you are certainly going to land kills, take Structures down, or capture Map Objectives, .

Despite not being a tank nor particularly keen with standing in melee range, Cho'gall belongs relatively near to the enemy frontline so as to allow Gall's many area of effect abilities to hit as many opponents as possible. While Cho'gall does have an immense Health pool, much of his survivability stems from maximising the use of damage mitigation and self-sustain talents and knowing when to engage and — which is typically after a tank has provoked the premature use of important abilities or disabled key targets. Flanking is an important part of playing Cho'gall, as holding onto Surging Fist Icon Surging Fist and Hurry Up, Oaf! Icon Hurry Up, Oaf! for chasing or otherwise escaping is particularly valuable.

3. When Not Team Fighting

Cho'gall is comfortable with handling several different tasks, depending on your team's needs. In general, his strong dueling and pushing potential allow him to dominate "1v1" lanes, rapidly take down Structures for additional experience, and safely soak due to Surging Fist Icon Surging Fist's outstanding escape and Consuming Blaze Icon Consuming Blaze's self-sustain potential. Make sure to avoid becoming too passive, and rotate to help out your allies wherever you may be needed.

If your team elects to play more aggressively, or already has another good solo laner that does not gank very well (such as E.T.C. or Illidan, for instance), Cho'gall makes for a solid roamer, especially when attacking a lane with an ally that sports some form of of crowd control. However, Cho'gall can also shines when he is on Mercenary Camp duty, as he claims them extremely quickly and very safely.

Cho'gall can "solo" the Boss Mercenary Camp as early as Hero Level 10, granted that you have the talents we have recommended. Depending on your Experience lead or deficit over your opponents, Gall may have to expend Shadow Bolt Volley Icon Shadow Bolt Volley to secure the kill. Always be watchful of your Minimap for potential ganks.

4. Team Fights

Your main team fighting strategy varies depending on Cho's Heroic Ability choice (Gall should always get Shadow Bolt Volley Icon Shadow Bolt Volley), but your goals are generally similar to that of a Bruiser: find and kill key targets, and peel for your backline, as possible.

With Upheaval Icon Upheaval as a Heroic Ability choice, your ultimate goal is to hit a key target (usually a vulnerable Assassin or Support Hero) so that Gall may follow up against whatever gets crowd controled with a full Shadow Bolt Volley Icon Shadow Bolt Volley followed by his other abilities. Upheaval also sets up for your other teammates as well. In general, consider Upheaval to be the offensive Heroic Ability choice. You can read more about Upheaval here.

With Hammer of Twilight Icon Hammer of Twilight as a Heroic Ability choice, Cho become much more defensive and apt at protecting teammates with a reliable tool for peeling. Hammer of Twilight also provides a readily available mean of interrupting channeled abilities, and as such, is a solid pick against dangerous Heroic Abilities such as Li Li's Jug of 1,000 Cups Icon Jug of 1,000 Cups or Valla's Strafe Icon Strafe to name a few. You can read more about Hammer of Twilight here.

5. Summary of Tips and Tricks

  • Draft Cho'gall last or late so as to avoid his many hard counters.
  • Cho'gall can hardly fulfil the function of a tank; draft one along.
  • Avoid using Surging Fist Icon Surging Fist offensively, if possible.
  • Predict where your intended target is going for Rune Bomb Icon Rune Bomb so that Gall may hit with Runic Blast Icon Runic Blast.
  • Pick your Heroic Ability according to your team's needs.
  • Molten Block Icon Molten Block is an extremely potent way of countering dangerous abilities.

6. ChangeLog

  • 14 Jan. 2016: Guide fully updated.
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