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Beast Mastery Hunter DPS Gear, Legendaries, and Best in Slot (Legion 7.1)

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Table of Contents

General Information

This page is a gear reference for Beast Mastery Hunters. It lists your best items and Legendaries, gives you gearing advice, and shows you how you will be competing for loot with other classes.

The other pages of our Beast Mastery Hunter guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Author

This guide has been written by Azortharion, the main theorycrafter of the spec. He is also an accomplished player who raids in Vanguard. You can also watch his stream on Twitch.

1. Trinket Rankings

1.1. Single-Target

Beast Mastery Trinket Sims

1.2. 3 Targets

Beast Mastery Trinket Sims - 3 Targets

For Survival in particular, it is worth noting that when a simulation has a lot of one stat to start with, statsticks with that stat on it will be devalued somewhat. We recommend simming statstick trinkets for yourself to decide between them.

(M) is for Melee (Survival-only trinkets). If it does not say (M), it is either a ranged trinket, or the trinket is usable by both melee and ranged specs. The margin of error is 0.1%, so 300-450 DPS (depending on the DPS values of the sim itself).

Naraxas' Spiked Tongue Icon Naraxas' Spiked Tongue requires you to stay 20 yards away from the target at all times, which is not often possible. So that trinket is overpowered somewhat in SimCraft compared to a more realistic scenario where you might be standing close to the boss for some periods.

1.3. Trinkets to Look For

All stat stick trinkets are very powerful for their item level, and a stat stick trinket with your best stat on it will keep you happy for a long time. Stat sticks also scale indefinitely with multiple targets, while trinkets with single-target procs do not benefit your multi-target DPS in the same way. A ton of world quests can drop stat sticks with a random stat on them, and these are always worth doing if you don't have one. Additionally, Guarm in the Trial of Valor raid drops a statstick trinket with a random stat, and Nightbane from the Return to Karazhan dungeon drops a 875+ item level Mastery statstick.

Naraxas' Spiked Tongue Icon Naraxas' Spiked Tongue is the best single-target dungeon trinket that is available right now. It drops from Naraxas, the third boss worm in the Neltharion's Lair. It does not do maximum damage unless you are at least 20 yards from the target, but if you are, it is a powerful single-target option. It is not good for multi-target and especially not Mythic+, which drags it down a fair bit.

Unstable Arcanocrystal Icon Unstable Arcanocrystal is essentially the best trinket in the game. It drops from the world boss Withered J'im which is not always up. When the world boss is up, you should absolutely use your bonus roll coins to try and get this trinket. Since it gives pure stats and has no procs, it is just as good for multitarget as it is for a single target.

Aran's Relaxing Ruby Icon Aran's Relaxing Ruby is an extremely powerful single-target and especially AoE trinket. It drops from the Shade of Medivh boss in the Return to Karazhan dungeon, and it is absolutely worth rolling for. If you combine it with the chest item Hauberk of Warped Intuition Icon Hauberk of Warped Intuition that drops from Nightbane, its proc will do 30% additional damage, so it is worth bonus rolling Nightbane as well, both for the chest, but also for the powerful Ethereal Urn Icon Ethereal Urn statstick trinket, and the many good relics he can drop.

The Devilsaur's Bite Icon The Devilsaur's Bite is a world quest trinket that drops from the "Life Finds A Way" world quest in Suramar, where you have to control a dinosaur. It has a very powerful single-target proc like Naraxas' Spiked Tongue, and thus also suffers from the same drawbacks. It's 1-second stun effect can be useful for Mythic+, although you cannot control when it happens.

Six-Feather Fan Icon Six-Feather Fan is a random BoE world drop trinket with a powerful single-target proc. It has an extremely low drop chance from any world mob. It is not necessarily worth farming for, but if you have more gold than you have gear, you might be able to find a good deal on the auction house to get you started.

Bloodthirsty Instinct Icon Bloodthirsty Instinct is a very powerful trinket that drops from Ursoc in the Emerald Nightmare. It has a small Haste proc that has a lot of uptime (40%+ on most encounters). It also procs more frequently on lower health targets.


2. Legion Legendaries

This is a comprehensive list of the non-spec specific legendaries that are available to Hunters in Legion. Legendaries can drop from daily loot chests, the Class Order Hall Mythic+ loot chest, the PvP loot chest, 5-man dungeons of all kinds, world bosses, and raid bosses from all difficulties. The spec-specific Legendaries will be listed under their respective class guide.

The Shadow Hunter's Voodoo Mask Icon The Shadow Hunter's Voodoo Mask is a Legendary helmet which heals you for 20% of your maximum health whenever you use Feign Death Icon Feign Death, as well as an additional 5% of your health every second for 10 seconds for as long as you remain feigned. This can be an extremely useful self-heal when needed during raid encounters and Mythic+ encounters.

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Icon Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus is a Legendary necklace which gives you an absorb shield for 15% of your health for 30 seconds if you do not take damage for 5 seconds. This effect can only trigger once every 30 seconds. Your effective uptime on this will be very high for most raid encounters and dungeons especially, which sort of makes it a 15% buff to your overall health pool. This makes it the strongest survivability legendary, especially since you will passively benefit from it. From a progression raiding standpoint where damage output is often not the primary concern, it is an incredibly strong legendary. It is being buffed in 7.1.5 as well, and it may well be worth using over most DPS legendaries for progression.

Roots of Shaladrassil Icon Roots of Shaladrassil are a pair of Legendary leggings that cause you to gain 4% health every 3 seconds for as long as you stand still. The first heal occurs 3 seconds after you stop moving. This is the weakest survivability legendary, since the healing done does not add up to nearly as much damage prevented as Prydaz does, although the high item level of a high-budget item like legs makes it decent as far as non-DPS legendaries go.

Sephuz's Secret Icon Sephuz's Secret is a Legendary ring that gives you 70% increased movement speed and 15% Haste for 10 seconds whenever you apply a crowd control effect (slow, stun, root and so on). This is generally considered to be a PvP legendary, but it can act as a damage and mobility boost on add-heavy encounters where you have to slow enemies. It is worth noting that Survival can use Ranger's Net Icon Ranger's Net to keep 33% uptime on this buff, even on raid bosses. This potentially makes it a very potent Survival legendary.

2.1. Beast Mastery Legendaries

Call of the Wild Icon Call of the Wild are a pair of Legendary bracers which reduces the cooldown of all Aspects by 50%. This applies to Aspect of the Wild Icon Aspect of the Wild, Aspect of the Cheetah Icon Aspect of the Cheetah, Aspect of the Turtle Icon Aspect of the Turtle,and Aspect of the Eagle Icon Aspect of the Eagle for Survival Hunters as well. On top of being a very powerful DPS Legendary, it also brings a good survivability and mobility boost in reducing the cooldown of Aspect of the Turtle and Aspect of the Cheetah.

Roar of the Seven Lions Icon Roar of the Seven Lions is a Legendary belt that causes Bestial Wrath Icon Bestial Wrath to also reduce the focus cost of all your abilities by 20%. This is a powerful DPS legendary for both single-target and multi-target.

Qa'pla, Eredun War Order Icon Qa'pla, Eredun War Order are a pair of Legendary boots that cause Dire Beast Icon Dire Beast to reduce the remaining cooldown on Kill Command Icon Kill Command by 3.1 seconds. This is potentially a very powerful single-target DPS legendary.

The Apex Predator's Claw Icon The Apex Predator's Claw is a Legendary ring that causes your pet to gain the passive abilities of all the three pet talent specializations, Cunning, Ferocity, and Tenacity, and also deal 10% additional damage. Noteworthy abilities that a Ferocity pet will receive include Boar's Speed Icon Boar's Speed which increases your pet's movement speed by 30%, and Great Stamina Icon Great Stamina which increases your pet's total health by 60%. If you get this legendary, however, you should use a Tenacity pet as it is very slightly stronger. Remember to turn off Thunderstomp's autocast.

2.1.1. Beast Mastery Legendary Ranking

This is an approximately ranked list of the Beast Mastery-specific Legendaries based on DPS output in raiding and Mythic+ dungeons.

  1. Roar of the Seven Lions Icon Roar of the Seven Lions
  2. The Apex Predator's Claw Icon The Apex Predator's Claw
  3. Call of the Wild Icon Call of the Wild
  4. Qa'pla, Eredun War Order Icon Qa'pla, Eredun War Order

3. Loot Competition

Regarding the loot you will get from raid or dungeon bosses, you will compete with other classes in the following cases:

Item Type Competing Classes
Tier Tokens Marksmanship/Survival Hunters, Monks, Shamans, and Warriors
Mail Armor Marksmanship/Survival Hunters and Shamans
  • Amulets
  • Cloaks
  • Rings
Trinkets Havoc Demon Hunters, Feral Druids, Windwalker Monks Marksmanship/Survival Hunters, Rogues, and Enhancement Shamans

4. ChangeLog

  • 08 Dec. 2016: Added some stuff about trinkets, what to go for etc.
  • 27 Nov. 2016: Updated trinket sims.
  • 11 Nov. 2016: Updated trinket sims. Aran's Relaxing Ruby buff.
  • 06 Nov. 2016: Updated trinket sims.
  • 31 Oct. 2016: Updated trinket sims.
  • 29 Oct. 2016: Updated trinket sims.
  • 18 Oct. 2016: Updated legendary rankings.
  • 12 Oct. 2016: Updated trinket sims.
  • 07 Oct. 2016: Updated trinket sims.
  • 05 Oct. 2016: Updated trinket sims. Added Unstable Arcanocrystal.
  • 30 Sep. 2016: Updated trinket sims.
  • 28 Sep. 2016: Added a few clarifications about Bloodthirsty Instinct and Naraxas' Spiked Tongue.
  • 20 Sep. 2016: Added Emerald Nightmare trinkets.
  • 13 Sep. 2016: Added the Tempered Egg of Serpentrix and multi-target trinket simulations.
  • 09 Sep. 2016: Trinket Sim Update.
  • 08 Sep. 2016: Revisited stat weights (new methodology), update your Pawn strings!
  • 06 Sep. 2016: Gave more detailed explanations on the trinket sim results.
  • 03 Sep. 2016: Removed note on Touch of the Void, as it was hotfixed.
  • 02 Sep. 2016: Added note on Touch of the Void.
  • 29 Aug. 2016: Updated for Legion's launch.
  • 18 Jul. 2016: Updated for the Legion pre-patch.
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