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Marksmanship Hunter DPS Artifact Talents/Traits and Relics (Legion 7.1)

Last updated on Oct 17, 2016 at 14:50 by Azortharion 458 comments

Table of Contents

General Information

This page shows you how to level up the Artifact and how to choose the right Relics for your Marksmanship Hunters. It is updated for World of Warcraft Legion 7.1.

The other pages of our Marksmanship Hunter guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

About Our Author

This guide has been written by Azortharion, the main theorycrafter of the spec. He is also an accomplished player who raids in Vanguard. You can also watch his stream on Twitch.

1. Artifact Progression

Artifact Progression

The Thas'dorah artifact leaves you with a number of directions you can head in once you branch out from the base traits. The one above is what is recommended for any kind of raiding.

2. Artifact Ability

The Marksmanship Artifact opens with the active ability,  Icon Windburst. It deals moderate damage on a 20-second cooldown, costs 15 focus, and has a base cast time of 1.5 seconds. With the  Icon Mark of the Windrunner trait that you unlock early by following our path, it applies Vulnerable Icon Vulnerable to the target.

2.1. Recommended Path

The goal of the path is to reach  Icon Rapid Killing and  Icon Bullseye as soon as possible, as those tie together to make your Trueshot Icon Trueshot cooldown extremely powerful.

  1.  Icon Windburst
  2.  Icon Wind Arrows
  3.  Icon Called Shot
  4.  Icon Mark of the Windrunner
  5.  Icon Deadly Aim
  6.  Icon Gust of Wind
  7.  Icon Rapid Killing
  8.  Icon Marked for Death
  9.  Icon Bullseye
  10.  Icon Windrunner's Guidance
  11.  Icon Legacy of the Windrunners
  12.  Icon Precision or  Icon Quick Shot
  13.  Icon Call of the Hunter
  14.  Icon Quick Shotor  Icon Precision
  15.  Icon Critical Focus
  16.  Icon Healing Shell
  17.  Icon Survival of the Fittest
  18.  Icon Windflight Arrows

This path aims to reach both  Icon Bullseye and  Icon Legacy of the Windrunners before Mythic raids release. It goes after Bullseye first as it is better for gearing and Mythic+ dungeons leading up to the raids.

As for the choice between going  Icon Precision or  Icon Quick Shot, Precision is generally more consistent and will always provide a DPS increase. The other side of that coin is Quick Shot, which has a good chance of being extremely powerful with 3 traits (by giving you another Trueshot Icon Trueshot in the fight). If it does not give you an extra Trueshot in the fight, it is completely useless however. It is also only really useful with 2-3 points in it. The choice here is mostly a personal one. I personally intend to go with Quick Shot first, since the loss is not that large if I do not get an extra Trueshot, but the potential gain is very high.

3. Relic Choice

As you can see in more detail in the Simulation section, item level will almost always determine your choice of relic given two choices, so you should simply pick the relic with the highest item level most of the time.

Your best relic trait choice in a single word is  Icon Quick Shot, and thus your best in slot relics in the Emerald Nightmare are the Quick Shot relics that drop in there. It is difficult if not impossible to quantify the exact value of the trait compared to item level, which is why it is not in the simulations.

4. ChangeLog

  • 17 Oct. 2016: Quick Shot is the best in slot relic - explanation.
  • 18 Sep. 2016: Talk about Precision and Quick Shot.
  • 29 Aug. 2016: Added.
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