Chaos Herald Pyl Helliquary Raid Guide

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Chaos Herald Pyl acts as a player's introduction to the Helliquary raid activity in the endgame of Diablo Immortal. Although Helliquary raids are generally designed for up to 8 players, this boss can be soloed with relative ease. Here, you can find specific strategies to survive this encounter's mechanics and claim its unique piece of loot.


Chaos Herald Pyl Overview

Chaos Herald Pyl is the introductory fight for the Helliquary endgame activity, part of the Raiding content in Diablo Immortal. While not particularly difficult, Chaos Herald Pyl still poses some threat to the unwary, thanks to his myriad of flame-based AoE attacks.


Chaos Herald Pyl Statistics

  • Location: Westmarch, Challenge Rift Entrance — CR 6 Rift Guardian
  • Reward: Pyl's Flowing Chaos Icon Pyl's Flowing Chaos
  • Advisable Combat Rating: None

Chaos Herald Pyl Strategy Guide

Chaos Herald Pyl is the first Helliquary boss and as such, he is relatively easy. That does not mean you can brain AFK spam the fight down though; some of his abilities hit hard and persist on the ground, punishing lack of movement and awareness. For complete reference — Chaos Herald Pyl has the following four abilities, which he will use throughout the fight:

  • Summon Demon Warriors: Chaos Herald Pyl calls forth his minions, spawning a wave of Demon Warriors to aid him in battle. These are weak combatants and can be safely lured toward Pyl, and then cleaved down as collateral of the main fight.
  • Burning Ground: Chaos Herald Pyl ignites large circular AoEs across the battlefield, dealing low continuous damage to anyone standing within. Their effects can stack, posing greater danger.
  • Spiked Ground: Chaos Herald Pyl raises his staff, summoning three lines of spikes travelling outward in a cone in front of him. They deal moderate damage and knock back anyone caught in their way.
  • Blast Wave: Chaos Herald Pyl slams his staff into the ground, dealing heavy AoE damage in an all-encompassing wave around him. If you see him telegraph by raising his staff in the air, make sure you have >50% health to tank this hit.

Chaos Herald Pyl Summary

The reward from Chaos Herald Pyl is Pyl's Flowing Chaos Icon Pyl's Flowing Chaos. When inserted in your Helliquary, this item increases Combat Rating by 30 and Critical Hit Chance by 10% (the latter is only applicable when doing Challenge Rifts).



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