Beast Tribes for FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

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This page contains information about Tribal Quests in A Realm Reborn. Here, players will find out how to unlock tribes, what items they offer, and what rewards they can get from doing tribe quests.


A Realm Reborn Tribal Quests

A Realm Reborn hosts five friendly tribes - two in La Noscea, two in the Black Shroud, and one in Thanalan. They are the Sahagin, Kobold, Sylph, Amalj'aa, and Ixali tribes. You can learn more about Tribal quests on our tribe hub.



At this small beastmen settlement - Novv's Nursery - Clutchfather Novv raises his spawnlings alongside his unusually hospitable clutch. These peaceful Sahagin of Western La Noscea are at odds with their fanatic brethren. Help the Clutchfather bring up his young and bring peace to La Noscea.



The 789th Order are the most hapless of kobolds, who their kin have all but exiled. Working at the 789th Order Dig adds insult to injury, as the site lies in the middle of nowhere and is thought to hold not one vein of good ore. Help the woeful Kobold beast tribe by undertaking their quests.



Some sylphs fled the Sylphlands after a faction of their race were tempered by the primal Ramuh. They have built a new home in the Nine Ivies, and you can help them settle into their new home and hopefully return to the Sylphlands one day.



Warleader Hamujj Gah liberated honourable and strong warriors from becoming tempered by his brethren. This final bastion of Amalj'aa pride, the Brotherhood of Ash, have made camp in the Ring of Ash and would request your help in securing peace.



These peaceful Ixali, the Ehcatl Nine, wish to take to the skies. Instead of summoning Garuda, they are doing this with the fruits of their own labour. These beast tribe quests are focused on crafters and gatherers, and you can help them build their dream of endless flight.


Allied Tribal Quests

Allied beast tribe quests can be accepted after completing all main quests for all beast tribes in A Realm Reborn. Once the player has maxed out their reputation with the Sahagin, Kobold, Sylph, Amalj'aa, and Ixali tribes, they can pick up the quest Call of the Wild at their respective Grand Company hall. Completing this quest chain will raise the reputation of all beast tribes to Allied as well as grant the Sable Death Mask Icon Sable Death Mask glamour.



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